See Disney’s NEW 100th Anniversary Addition on Main Street, U.S.A.

Disney is celebrating its 100th Anniversary in many different ways, and one of them is with a new short film, Once Upon A Studio.

100 Years of Wonder

This new film brings the majority of the Disney characters from the past 100 years into one short film, and many viewers find themselves getting emotional as they watch (OK, us included). If you’re in Disneyland and hoping to watch the film, now you can!

As soon as you walk onto Main Street U.S.A., turn to your right and head towards Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.

Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln

Outside the theatre, you’ll notice a sign advertising the viewing of the short film. 

Watch here!

Sure enough, inside the building, you’ll find that they are playing the short film right on the screen.

Playing on the wall

The showing isn’t happening in the main theatre — that show is still Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln — but this is a great way to see the film inside Walt’s original dream come true.

It’s really an amazing short film!

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