You Can’t Trust These Sneaky Attractions in Disney World

Ever heard the phrase, “Hurry up and wait?”

Mickey and Minnie!

We love Disney World, but sometimes that phrase feels too true, especially with all the wait times for rides, restaurants, and more. To give Disney credit, they do post wait times so you can have an idea of how long you’ll be in “suspended animation”, but there’s a specific situation where you just can’t trust the posted time — meet and greets. Let’s talk about it!

First up, Fry Bucket managed to meet DOZENS of characters in one day at Disney World, and you can watch the video on how she did it right here.

As we said, waiting in line at Disney World is as much a part of the experience as Mickey ears and churros. But here’s the deal — not all lines are created equal.  Let’s dive into one area where the posted wait times just can’t be trusted — character meet and greets.

That’s quite the line!

Character meet and greets are like the cherry on top of your trip to Disney World. I mean, what’s better than meeting your favorite Disney characters up close and personal? Also, the experience can be quite unique and personal.


You see, unlike the regular rides, where the experience is more or less the same for everyone, your interactions with characters can be all over the map. Some people might just want a quick selfie, while others may dive into full-on conversations. Trying to guess how the interaction will go for people in front of you in the line would be like trying to predict the weather in some city you’ve never been to.

Our hearts are MELTING!

To be fair, most (and let’s put a big asterisk on most*) character meet and greets have a pretty consistent flow of people. You just have to remember that these are one-on-one interactions. So, the time spent can vary wildly from one person to the next. Just double down on that patience because it could be like a mixed bag of surprises.

She’s having so much fun!

All of this speaks to how Disney isn’t just in the business of entertaining; they’re in the business of creating lifelong memories. So, Cast Members are trained to make every character interaction extra special, meaning that you’re not just another face in the crowd. You’re the star of the show. And this is great and good, but it can also extend the wait times. These kinds of interactions aren’t something you can just rush.

Hey, Mirabel!

So what should you do? Let’s go over some tips:

Work on that Timing

Try to plan your character meet and greets during “off-peak” times, like during parades or shows. You’ll find that those are the times when the lines are shorter.

Festival of Fantasy Parade

Use Genie+

Genie+ can be a lifesaver. While it doesn’t apply to every character meet and greet, you can book Lightning Lanes for some of the most popular meet and greet locations — like to meet the princesses or Mickey Mouse in Magic Kingdom. Genie+ can also help to cut your wait times for other attractions, which will give you more time for those character meet and greets.


Be Patient, My Young Padawan

Remember, patience is the name of the game. It’s the unique nature (which can be pretty unpredictable) that makes character meet and greets so special. Go with the flow. Whisper “Hakuna Matata.” Overall, try not to stress too much about the wait times.

Pooh and Tigger!

We’re always here to help you make sure you have the best Disney vacation ever, so stay tuned to AllEars!

Here’s how to conquer meet-and-greet anxiety in Disney World!

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