NEWS: Disney World Raises Prices for Special Tours

Prices are on the rise in Disney World.

Animal Kingdom

We’ve seen the price increases hit everything from Annual Passes to food to parking, but now they are also impacting special tours.

Disney World has many special tours that are at an additional cost and allow you to see the parks in a different way! However, these tours now have prices that vary by date meaning for many of these, the previous price is now the starting price for that tour.

Caring for Giants Tour

For example, here is a look at the Behind the Seeds Tour. The price was $35 per person, but now it ranges from $35 to $45.


Disney’s Keys to the Kingdom Tour will cost you anywhere from $109.65 to $149.


The EPCOT Seas Adventures — DiveQuest is a super unique experience — but now you’ll have to pay between $229 to $249.


Now, the Wilderness Back Trail Adventure will cost $90 to $99 per person.


Caring for Giants (increased from $35 to $39) and Up-close with Rhinos (increased from $45 to $49) both do not have seasonal pricing. However, they are slightly more expensive now.

Caring for Giants Tour

One tour actually did decrease in price — the Wild Africa Trek was a range of $199 to $249, but the range is now $219 to $229, meaning that top number is lower.


If you were thinking of booking a special tour, keep an eye on the prices depending on which day you are going. It may make sense to switch your plans around if one day is cheaper than the others during your trip.

Here’s some more information on the recent price increases at Disney World:


Because of all these price increases, your next Disney World trip will cost more than you’re used to. If you want to cut costs as much as possible, we highly recommend working with a travel agent — better yet, our friends over at Mouse Fan Travel! They are experts in the business and can help you score the best deals. Plus, it’s totally free to use!

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