AllEars Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Disney World Pre-Shows?

Although rides are the main focus for many Disney World guests, the pre-shows are an attraction of their own!

Rise of the Resistance

From “Welcome Foolish Mortals” to “Let’s go get that dino”, pre-show quotes are loved and repeated by many. But just how well do you know your Disney World pre-shows? Take our quiz to find out!

Have you been paying attention to those Disney World ride pre-shows? We'll find out in this quiz!

Tell us how you did in the comments!

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2 Replies to “AllEars Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Disney World Pre-Shows?”

  1. Woooooo… 6 out of 6. I thought it might have been about actual preshows, like Juggler Matt before the Beauty and the Beast show, but this was still fun.