9 Tees Only the Biggest Disney Fans Will Understand

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You know what’s fun? Feeling like a real Disney fan and that you are in the know.

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Ok, so we might get a little bit competitive about our Disney knowledge but we love the bragging rights. Like knowing where to find the Dapper Dans on a rainy day in Magic Kingdom or knowing the best SECRET spot in Hollywood Studios. So we’re here to test your Disney fandom today.

We found some cool Disney shirts that are giving “If you know, you know” vibes. Let’s take a look at these Disney shirts and see how many of them you know!

First up, this Briar Patch Band Farewell Tour Shirt from our friends over at Disney Food Blog. The Briar Patch is in reference to Splash Mountain, an attraction that has closed in both Magic Kingdom and Disneyland.

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With this shirt, you can be wearing a piece of history that someday only those real Disney fans will remember. This shirt is currently on sale, so if you are a fan of Splash Mountain, this could be your chance to buy a rare piece of merchandise.

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Up next, you’ll need to be a Magic Kingdom fan to get the reference. This Sonny Eclipse Tour Shirt is in reference to a quick-service restaurant located in Magic Kingdom, Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe.

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If you’d dined here, you will remember seeing an alien animatronic named Sonny Eclipse, playing the keyboard on stage. To know Cosmic Ray’s is to love Sonny. For you’re a fan of this singing alien, this one is for you.

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As many fans have heard, Disney will be closing the Galatic Starcruiser later this year. You can snag this Farwell Voyage Tour Shirt to commemorate the final sailing.

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One day, only real Disney World fans will know this short-lived hotel reference on the shirt. While sailings end in September, be sure to order this shirt in time to wear it before its final voyage. .

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This next shirt can take you from zero to hero, just like that. The Muses Shirt celebrates Disney’s film, Hercules.


The Muses, who are known for singing the soundtrack throughout the film, have many fans out there. Only a true Disney movie fan would recognize them.

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This 4*Town Band Shirt will have all of the Pixar fans excited. This shirt features the band, 4*Town, on the cover of a teen magazine.

4*Town is the boy band from Pixar’s Turning Red. Fans fell in love with the singing popstar group from the film and now, if you love the movie, this shirt can be yours.

Check Out The 4*Town Band Shirt Here

Next, this Powerline Shirt will transport you right back to 1995. If you’re a fan of The Goofy Movie, you will instantly recognize this iconic character.

Powerline was Max Goof’s rockstar idol in the movie so real fans of the film will think you’re so cool when you rock this tee.

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This shirt features a beloved Disney character from Tangled. This Tangled Smolder Shirt is for Flynn Rider fans.


Flynn Rider is Rapuzel’s love interest in the film. Flynn is a confident thief who tries to win over others with his “smolder” look.

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This one is for the real Muppets fans out there. This Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem Shirt features the Muppets rock band.

The band made its debut in 1975 and has even released music videos since. You’ll be hit to rock in the shirt if you run into a Muppets fan.

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Finally, this Lotso Nutritional Facts Shirt from Uniqlo will be a Toy Story fan’s favorite. Lotso is the adorable pink bear from Toy Story 3.


The nutritional content of Lotso is cuteness, strawberry-scented, and wickedness. This has to be one of the most unique Disney shirts we’ve seen. This would be a great addition to your packing list for your next trip to Toy Story Land.

See The Lotso Nutritional Shirt Here

So how many shirts did you get the references to? It’s always fun to test your Disney knowledge. For more Disney merchandise news and ideas, be sure to follow us at AllEars.

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