You Have to See George Lucas’ $1 Billion Museum to Believe It

Do you have a lack of faith in The Force?

@The New York Times

George Lucas’s billion-dollar museum, which has faced its share of delays and criticism, should be opening in 2025.

The New York Times recently shared that the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art should finally be opening its door in 2025.

@The New York Times

After breaking ground in March 2018, it had a promised opening in 2021. Now it appears set to open after a seven-year total construction time.

@The New York Times

The building’s futuristic design will be home to over 100,000 paintings, photographs, book illustrations, and comic book drawings that pay tribute to Lucas.

@The New York Times

In its current unfinished state, it does evoke feelings of certain Star Wars vessels like the unfinished Death Star.

@The New York Times

The Lucas, as the building is called, has an incredibly complex design. It was designed by a prominent Chinese architect, Ma Yansong. On the design, the museum’s director, Sandra Jackson-Dumont, commented that “there isn’t a straight line in the whole place.”

@The New York Times

Even though it is named after Lucas, this museum will not focus only on Star Wars, however, it will also include pieces by Frida Kahlo, Maxfield Parrish, Jacob Lawrence, Judy Baca, and others.

@The New York Times

With its design and incredible repository of art, it looks like The Lucas will be a great addition to the Los Angeles area.

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