Sneak Peek at Disney’s NEW 100th Anniversary Collection Coming Soon!

Have you ever wanted to travel back in time and see what it was like during the early days of the Disney company?

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It would have been pretty amazing to hang out with Walt, Roy, and all the others as they worked on those early animations.

Even though time machines haven’t been invented (yet!), Disney is giving us a taste of the old days with the latest 100th anniversary merchandise line. Today they tweeted out a sneak peek of their Disney100 The Eras: Walt Disney Studios Collection. Check out this incredible piece! It’s a replica Walt Disney Studios water tower, complete with Mickey Mouse holding a clap board. But this is more than just a display piece …

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… it lights up! A cool collectible for your office AND a functioning lamp. We love a product that keeps us on our toes.

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We anticipate this line will include more collectibles celebrating different eras of the Disney company throughout the years. The entire line will debut on shopDisney on January 27th, which is also the official start of the Disney100 celebrations.

100th anniversary banners in Disneyland

Check back in to our site to see the entire line as well as get updates on all of the festivities in Disneyland when 100 Years of Wonder kicks off!

Can’t Wait? See the Disney 100th Anniversary Collectibles You Can Get at TARGET!

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Comment below what sort of collectibles you’d like to see included in this line!

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One Reply to “Sneak Peek at Disney’s NEW 100th Anniversary Collection Coming Soon!”

  1. All the same tired merch, just in a different color with a different logo. Very disappointing. Hopefully the Eras Collection will actually have new things that actually depict–rather than commemorate–the Company’s vibrant history.