2 Disney Films Have Been Added to the National Film Registry This Year!

It’s a pretty big deal when a film is added to the National Film Registry.

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Only films that Congress deems are ““culturally, historically or aesthetically” significant are included, which means that these 2 Disney films are amongst some pretty esteemed company!

This year, Iron Man and The Little Mermaid were selected to be added to the registry. Only 25 movies are selected per year, and the films must be at least 10 years old to be eligible. Other titles added this year include 1990s comedy House Party and the classic romcom When Harry Met Sally.


The Library of Congress selects films from a wide variety of genres. A copy of each film is kept inside the Library to ensure they are preserved for future generations. We love the idea of people sitting down, hundreds of years from now, to watch Ariel sing “Part Of Your World” in their movie theaters!

Ariel is happy to accept this honor!

The animated classic and Marvel film are now a part of 850 films in the Registry. Other Disney titles that have been honored in the past include feature films like Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King as well as shorts like Steamboat Willie and The Three Little Pigs. We definitely think both Iron Man and The Little Mermaid have earned their spots, and it might just be time for a rewatch of both on Disney+!

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Comment below which Disney film you think should be honored next!

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