Disney+ Announces Changes Affecting Your Subscription

Disney+ is about to undergo some BIG changes that could affect your subscription.


After launching in 2019, Disney+ has grown as a streaming service and Disney recently announced plans to launch an ad-supported subscription tier in December. Ahead of the launch of the new ad tier, Disney just emailed Disney+ subscribers with an update.

In an email sent to Disney+ subscribers, Disney announced that they will be updating the Disney+ Subscriber Agreement. When you sign up for a Disney+ subscription, you must agree to the Subscriber Agreement before creating your account.


Disney wrote that they made an effort to “streamline” the Subscriber Agreement and “make it even easier to read.” For new subscribers, the updated agreement has gone into effect as of October 6th. For existing subscribers, the terms will go into effect beginning on November 3rd, 2022.


Disney encouraged subscribers to review the updated Subscriber Agreement, which includes changes reflecting the new ad-supported subscription tier, clarification about consenting to electronic notices, explanations about the Disney Bundle terms, and an update to the arbitration agreement.

According to the email, the updated Agreement:

  • reflects that (with the launch of the ad-supported Disney+ tier), Disney+ subscriptions may be offered in tiers that are different and have different features, pricing, and other features
  • clarifies that individuals who sign up for and use Disney’s streaming services consent to receiving email (and other electronic notices) relating to the subscription
  • explains that those who subscribe to the Disney Bundle will be subject to certain terms and disclosures
  • updates the arbitration agreement “to be more specific about the procedures for resolving any disputes” related to the subscription

The new Disney+ ad-supported tier will launch on December 8th, 2022, and Disney previously announced that it will be known as “Disney+ Basic” and it will cost $7.99 per month. If you opt to stick with the existing no-ads Disney+ plan, your “Disney+ Premium” monthly payment will increase to $10.99.

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One Reply to “Disney+ Announces Changes Affecting Your Subscription”

  1. Looks like it’s back to the land of pirates for me, matey. I’m sick of these price hikes and Disney adding the ad-tier to their pricing is pushing me over the edge with them. I wish they were losing as much money as they thought they were. It was bad enough when they quietly pulled a bunch of content down from Hulu to put it exclusively on Disney+. Even if you have the literal Disney+&Hulu live package. Cable will be cheaper than streaming Painfully soon if this continues across all of the streaming services.