Avatar Rerelease Expected to Bring in $30 Million

Do you know what the highest grossing movie of ALL TIME is? We’ll give you a hint — there’s a whole land in Disney World dedicated to it.


Okay, that could be a lot of different movies, actually — but the one we’re talking about is Avatar. The movie has made over $2.8 billion at the box office and was only briefly overtaken by Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame before Avatar was rereleased into some theaters and took the title back. Now, Avatar has been rereleased in theaters AGAIN and is making even more money.

The theatrical rerelease of Avatar is expected to bring in $30 million in ticket sales globally, according to CNBC. Domestic ticket sales will reach $10 million on their own. The movie was rereleased on September 23rd.


The 20th Century Studio film was originally released in 2009, and the sequel — Avatar: The Way of Water — will be released in December. It is supposed to be the first of 4 sequels to the original Avatar movie.


The rerelease of the movie is being viewed as sort of a test to see whether audiences want to visit the world of Avatar created by James Cameron.

It seems that there is still obviously audience interest for Avatar, but it’s still uncertain whether that interest will show up at the box office in December for the sequel, especially for 3D showings of the movie.

©Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

But, this is really only a concern for domestic ticket sales. 3D has stayed very popular in International markets, especially in China, according to CNBC. It’s also important to note that the first Avatar made most of its money from international ticket sales.


For more on the upcoming Avatar sequel, check out the teaser trailer for the moviewhy the new Avatar movie is a BIGGER deal than you think, and how Disney hopes that the Avatar sequel can revive a dying movie format.


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