Disney is Ranked #1 In Brand Intimacy — Here’s What That Actually Means.

Just how much do YOU love Disney?

Does this give you the warm fuzzies?

That’s a loaded question, we know. Some of us just love the special feeling we get when we watch our favorite Disney movies. Many of us associate the company with our childhood, making us feel nostalgic. Many of us just love the escape from reality that we get at Disney Parks. Whatever the case, we have a strong emotional connection to the company, a fact now backed up by a new study.

Disney recently ranked number 1 in MBLM’s Brand Intimacy Study, which is a study based on how brands affect our emotions. This is the second time since 2019 that Disney has ranked the highest in the study, which uses artificial intelligence to look at how consumers bond to specific brands.


So what exactly does this mean? It means that more people have a stronger emotional connection to Disney than they do to any other brand in the world.

“Leveraging big data and artificial intelligence takes the emotional science behind brand performance to the next level. This new methodology gives us broader and more real-time insights. We are now able to assess more authentic and vivid sentiment from consumers,” Mario Natarelli, managing partner, MBLM, said in a press release. “Media and entertainment brands continue to thrive, likely boosted by the need of providing escape, comfort, and instant gratification. Disney’s rise to the top displays the resilience of the media and entertainment industry in unprecedented times. The brand has demonstrated its ability to continue to resonate with consumers, and form deep intimate connections and relationships, even in a fragmented media landscape.”

Seeing Disney characters makes us cry, so YES, we are emotionally connected to everything Disney

The 2022 Study by MLBM looked at more than 1.4 billion words and analyzed them to come up with the data that showed how emotionally invested people are in specific brands. Interestingly enough, according to the study, Disney’s strongest archetype is nostalgia. Of those who write about Disney on social media or other platforms, 55.4 percent feel intimate with the brand.

So, basically, there’s a lot of love out there for Disney!

Other details about the study will be released later, so we’ll let you know what we find out! Stay tuned to AllEars for more!

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What’s your take on this study — do you feel an intimate connection with Disney as a brand? Give us your thoughts in the comments!

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