AllEars TV: How To CONQUER Disney World’s Most Stressful Ride – Rise of the Resistance

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is the best ride Disney has ever built…which means it’s seemingly impossible to ride without stress.

Whether you have to wake up early and fight to pay for a spot or wait in a long line, this is not a simple jump in line situation. Molly, Quincy, and Breedlove are each setting out to ride Rise — but with three different strategies — to show you the best way to CONQUER Disney’s most stressful and popular ride.

Click Below to See the BEST Way to Take On Disney Hollywood Studio’s Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance!

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3 Replies to “AllEars TV: How To CONQUER Disney World’s Most Stressful Ride – Rise of the Resistance”

  1. Hey, love the science experiments, very helpful, you guys are the best 🙂 Just Wondering, if we stay at Coronado Springs and get the Disney bus, will we arrive early enough to stand a chance of getting on Rise with a short queue? Sounds like earliest buses are not long before park opening? Cheers!

  2. I love seeing Breedlove in more videos, now we just need Alan and Duckfist! Here’s the thing, we’ve seen so much B roll on Rise, that we no longer need to actually ride it lol. I need to see the boys do some “guys night out” resort stays and such. And what ever happened to Melizza?

  3. Loved this video and it did help me for a future trip. I just wish there was a way to “practice” Genie + and fancy rides before we get to the park