AllEars TV: We Explore EPCOT’s Abandoned Land

So you want to talk about Future World in EPCOT, huh?
Some might say it’s too soon to dish on this Disney World land that is no longer, but with rides like Spaceship Earth, Soarin, Mission Space and Test Track…wait a minute, are these rides actually good, or are they just some of the only rides left?


Prepare for uncomfortable questions and controversial opinions, as We Explore EPCOT’s Abandoned Land.

Remember That Time Epcot Abandoned Future World!

What’s your favorite ride in EPCOT? Let us know in the comments below!

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2 Replies to “AllEars TV: We Explore EPCOT’s Abandoned Land”

  1. We need more Duckfist!! Laughed so hard at his distain for Test Track, and his love for Mission Space Orange. I love Test Track, but his explanation nailed it … why do I like it so much? Must be because my car (in which I can travel at 50/60 miles an hour) has windows and a roof. However I do believe that Cars Land has a much better version of the same ride. I can’t comment on Mission Space Orange as I am way to chicken to try it, but I enjoy Mission Space Green. Why ride something that makes you feel ill, and could ruin the rest of your day?

    I enjoy all the videos, except Torture Wheel (such a waste). Molly is the best, and willing to try anything to please us who are stuck at home.

  2. I think Spaceship Earth is perfect, but I would like to see one more scene added that reflects modern communication via text/Skype/FaceTime and the fact that we all have one of those giant computers in our pockets. I am always slightly unsatisfied with where the story currently ends 😉