You Can Now Adopt a GIANT Chocolate Dino Egg at Universal Orlando!

If you’re hungrier than a raptor in Universal Orlando nowadays, boy do we have just the treat for you! 

Jurassic World

Of all the exciting new developments at Jurassic World, the park is really amping up its snacks, including a bright blue dessert and a chocolate dino egg! 

With the recent launch of the long awaited Velocicoaster, a lot of attention in Universal Orlando has been focused on the thrill ride. But don’t overlook the sweets! 

VelociCoaster entrance

We spent some time in the Jurassic World Tribute Store today, to discover some of the coolest — and, uhh, bluest — treats in the park! 

Egg Nursery = snack time

Let’s start with the most “straightforward” option: the Jurassic World Whoopie Pie. 

Jurassic World Whoopie Pie

The fact that this bright-blue dessert is the more normal option should tell you something about the whimsical ingenuity going on here .

So blue!

Two blue cakes are sandwiched around blue frosting, which gets sprinkled with some cute edible dinosaur bone sprinkles! The perfect snack for a paleontologist. 

Jurassic World Whoopie Pie

The whole thing is birthday cake-flavored, so it’s super sweet, but what would you expect from something so blue it makes the Na’vi look pale. 

Jurassic World Whoopie Pie

You can snag one of these Jurassic Park Whoopie Pies for $4.50!

OK, now on to the show-stopper: the Chocolate Dino Egg!

Chocolate Egg

This isn’t any Cadbury-style situation, either. There’s a lot happening here.

Chocolate Eggs

It’s a whole process at the Egg Nursery!

So you select the over-sized egg that you want, which looks disturbingly realistic, and each egg comes filled with a mystery dinosaur!

Chocolate Eggs

We had to get one for…research of course!

How cool do these look?!

Chocolate Egg

After marveling at the egg for a minute, all you need to do is crack it open

…and voila! You’ve got yourself a baby dinosaur! Life finds a way! 

Chocolate Dino!

It’s made of chocolate, so if it isn’t too cute for you to eat, it’s time to dig in. Considering the prehistoric pomp and circumstance, it’s no wonder that this is one of the priciest snacks in the park, clocking in at $18. But how could you not?! 

Chocolate Dinosaur

Molly is clearly a proud mom of her new baby dino.

We’re loving all the new treats in Jurassic World, and we’ll be sure to share more with you when we’re ready for another snack attack, so keep it here!

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Which of these Jurassic snacks are you eager to try? Let us know in the comments!

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