AllEars TV: DISNEY WORLD NIGHTMARE BOX: Ultimate Challenge

Giant dinosaurs, puppies, and a … nightmare in a box?! Oh my is right. Disney World Ultimate Challenge is back with another exciting race — and this time it’s personal. Lindsay and Melizza are duking it out in a REMATCH battle at Disney’s All Star Movies Resort.

Will Lindsay sing her way into victory again? Or will Melizza’s dance moves lead her to the Winner’s Circle this time? Watch to find out — but beware the nightmare box.

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One Reply to “AllEars TV: DISNEY WORLD NIGHTMARE BOX: Ultimate Challenge”

  1. Great Episode!!!! These are always really fun!!! I just wish they would come up with a new game!!!!!! This game is fun!!!!! But I just want something new and fresh!!!!! How about riding Rides while having to answer Disney trivia questions!!!!!!! Whoever gets the most correct answers in the shortest amount of time wins!!!!!!