NEWS: Disney World Changes Restaurant Face Mask Policy

Since initially reopening, Disney World has continued to make changes and updates to their face mask policies and guidance.

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Previously we’ve seen updates requiring that face masks be worn at all times, except when actively eating or drinking. Today, Disney updated their website language with new requirements for face masks at restaurants.

Disney has updated the language of their face coverings policy to include that “face coverings must be worn while standing, waiting, or sitting in dining locations.”

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Previously, guests had been able to remove their face masks once seated at a dining location. But now, it sounds like you may need to keep your face masks on until you are actively eating or drinking at your dining location. As is the case with the rest of Disney World’s face mask policies, this applies to all guests age 2 and up.

Face masks will now be required to remain on at all dining locations unless you are actively eating or drinking!

We’ll keep an eye on this policy as it rolls out across the theme parks and resorts. We’ll also fill you in as we learn more about any additional policy changes across Disney World!

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Have you visited Disney World since its phased reopening began in July? Let us know in the comments!

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9 Replies to “NEWS: Disney World Changes Restaurant Face Mask Policy”

  1. I have to wonder after all this time, what prompted this change? Was there an out brake traced back to Disney that they are not telling us about? I have no problem doing it as long as I understand why.

  2. I feel safer in Disney World than I do here in our local town square in The Villages, FL. Spacing and masks required in Disney, recommend in the town square.

  3. So you mean to say that after I take a sip of my drink I have to put my mask back on until I take another sip…has the world gone mad?

    1. NO. Read the article. It is while you are just sitting or waiting. In other words, from when you are seated until your food arrives, for instance, or after you have finished eating but haven’t left the table. The world hasn’t gone mad, just stupid, apparently.

    2. So we can sit in a restaurant without masks if we are putting food in our mouths, that’s safe. If we aren’t eating or drinking and have our mask off, staying stationary, then that’s not safe? Covid is spread through droplets, so when will Disney be announcing talking is no longer allowed when eating? Will double masking and face shields be required for guests too? Also, what does this mean for relaxation areas? We sat at a table in Akerhaus, which is currently a relaxation area, and were allowed to take off our masks…so why is a relaxation area in a restaurant getting different rules than an actual restaurant? None of it makes ANY sense. We went in January and followed the rules, but this has seriously gotten out of control. We’ll come back if/when these asanine rules are lifted…

  4. “Standing, waiting or sitting” sounds more like when you are checked in and still waiting for your table. At the table would be highly unenforceable and completely unnecessary.