Team Cap or Team Iron-man?! It’s a Would You Rather: Marvel Edition

It’s safe to say, I’ve gone Marvel insane!

This is who I am now.

After watching all the films for the first time recently, I finally got to have all of the convos the rest of the world has had for years.

This led to the AllEars team having quite a few Marvel debates — Team Cap or Team Iron Man? Wakanda or Asgard? Luis or Wong? Normal stuff.

We decided to share our debates on Instagram — and here is how you voted in our Marvel Would You Rather polls!


Would you rather wield Cap’s shield or Thor’s hammer?

AllEars Instagram

In the battle of the super weapons, two-thirds of you would rather get the hammer!

Would you rather become Tiny Ant-man or Giant Ant-man?

AllEars Instagram

Shrinking down to tiny Ant-man trumped being giant Ant-man by over two thirds!

Would you rather team up with, Rocket or Groot?

AllEars Instagram

This was a close one, but a little over half of you would rather team up with Groot!! You are Groot?

Would you rather eat shawarma with Tony or drink beer with Thor?

AllEars Instagram

We’re not sure if you prefer beer or the company, but either way brewskis with Thor beat shawarma with Tony.

Which Hulk is your favorite — hulked out Hulk or sweater Hulk?

AllEars Instagram

Two-thirds of you picked “Professor Hulk” over “Hulk Hulk.”

Who would you rather have as a sibling, Loki or Nebula?

AllEars Instagram

In the battle of the worst siblings, 60% of you would rather have Loki as a brother.

Who would you rather have as a bestie, Wong or Luis?

AllEars Instagram

Both are underrated besties, but Luis won by almost two-thirds.

Would you rather live in Asgard or Wakanda?

AllEars Instagram


Who would you rather have as a dad, Thanos or Ego?

AllEars Instagram

It’s battle of the bad dads, and 62% of you would rather your father issues come from Ego.

In Civil War, would you rather be on Team Cap or Team Iron-man?

AllEars Instagram

Thinking about the accords caused an almost even split, but Cap squeaked out a win by 2%.

Where do you land on these tough Marvel questions? Let us know in the comments!





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