The World’s Largest White Castle is Opening Near Disney World!

Pretty soon, Disney World’s Cinderella Castle won’t be the only castle in town. 

Cinderella Castle

For those who love sliders as much as they love Mickey pretzels, you’re gonna wanna buckle up for the news that the world’s largest White Castle is coming to Orlando! 

Thanks to parks like Disney World and Universal Studios, Orlando is already considered the theme park capital of the world. And soon, Orlando will be getting another kind of castle!

Cinderella Castle

As any White Castle “Craver” can attest, the Ohio-based restaurant chain is renowned for its burger sliders, but for more than half a century, there’s been a slider-shaped void in Florida. 

©White Castle

For the chain’s return to the state, they’re going big. Like, largest White Castle on Earth big. According to Spectrum News 13, the company is set to start construction November 19 off Interstate 4, just north of Disney World, on a 4,567-sq.-ft. property with tons of dining space both indoors and out. 

Rendering of White Castle Orlando ©White Castle

For White Castle super fans, aka “Cravers,” the project has been a longtime dream, and a Facebook group called Bring White Castle to Florida already boasts a membership of 10,000 strong.

Apparently the power of social media really works, because it’s all happening! And the company promises a sleek, contemporary style, along with its signature castle-like tower. 

©White Castle

The White Castle is slated to open sometime in 2021, so we’ll keep you posted on any more construction updates!

Are you psyched for White Castle’s return to Florida? Let us know in the comments!

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5 Replies to “The World’s Largest White Castle is Opening Near Disney World!”

  1. There hasn’t been a slider void in Florida. Krystal’s has been around for as long as can remember. Same concept as White Castle

    1. Theirs a big difference in a White Castle vs a Krystals . The Krystals has a thicker bun and a different taste. I ate my first White Castle in 1958 and my first Krystal in 1996 . Krystal is trying to mimic White Castle, they both have a different taste. White Castle is old started in 1921 and was originally a round slider.

  2. All our dreams are coming true now just waiting for a Home Run In Pizza restaurant in Florida and my world is complete.