63 Thoughts I Had Watching ‘Iron Man 2’ for the First Time

Hello there! It’s Molly — and I am back with another Marvel film review (10 years late)!

My face when someone interrupts me during a Marvel Movie

ICYMI, I am watching all the Marvel movies for the FIRST TIME. I’ve already shared my thoughts on Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk, and now, it’s Iron Man 2‘s turn!

Let’s just say…I hope this is better than The Incredible Hulk.

Marvel Studios

63 Thoughts I Had Watching Iron Man 2 for the First Time

1. Oh we’re starting LITERALLY the exact moment the first one left off.

2. Immediately suspicious of this long-haired man.

3. Big feeling the name “Anton Vanko” will be important — perhaps that’s who just died? Is this his son sharing cocktails with a bird?

4. What. An. Entrance.

5. “I LOVE YOU TONY!” – girl in the audience, and also, me

6. Howard Stark has big time Walt Disney explaining EPCOT vibes.

7. STAN LEE AS LARRY KING. Excellent cameo choice.

8. PEPPS!!!!

9. Sam Rockwell!!! The celebrities keep on coming and I keep being delighted.

10. That’s not Terrance Howard…….

11. “A lot of things have changed.” LOL

12. OMG he just hacked the conference. I love him. The swagger with the sunglasses is too much. Have I said I love him?

13. Rut-roh! Being Iron Man is not good for your health.

14. I hope Pepps and Tony are still in love.

15. Aw, he made her CEO!! And his robot had champagne ready!!!

16. WAIT. *checks IMDB* That’s Mickey Rourke!!!!

17. Scarlett Johanasson is here! Pretttttttttty sure she’s a superhero herself.

18. Also, pretty sure she’s actually Russian. And that Vanko guy is Russian. This is all connected, guaranteed.

19. Elon Musk!!

20. Leslie Bibb and Sam Rockwell are married IRL! I love when famous married people show up on screen together. Like that hilarious episode of Friends when Brad Pitt came to Thanksgiving and hated Rachel. (RIP Brad and Jenn.)

21. Is this Cars 2?

22. *Mickey Rourke starts murdering people with his fire whips.* This is not Cars 2.

23. Gotta admire the swagger of doing it all with a toothpick in mouth.

24. Pete Becker to the rescue!!!

25. Sam Rockwell’s sly smile makes me think he’s gonna team up with Mickey Rourke.

26. Ivan knows things!! I think Tony’s dad never told him (or anyone) about Anton Vanko’s contributions.

27. Who is helping him!!! (Sam Rockwell, obviously.) Also, nice cool guy brush off the shoulder after an explosion move.

28. Sam Rockwell looking like Alexander Hamilton with that napkin tucked in.

29. I should be listening but I can’t stop staring at Sam Rockwell’s hands — they look like he got a bad spray tan.

30. HE WANTS HIS BIRD. I’d have the same demands for my dog TBH.

31. Why doesn’t anyone wash or sanitize their hands before touching stuff that goes in Tony Stark’s body!!??

32. Ivan Vanko hacking the Hammer computer system WISHES he could be as smooth as Dr. Grant Seeker.

33. I may die from second-hand embarrassment watching Tony at his b-day party.

34. Give this DJ a raise!!! Excellent “beat your best friend’s butt in robot suits” playlist.


36. OH WOW someone totally knew Scarlett was a superhero. (ME. It was me. Solely from marketing from other movies LOL.)

37. Are all these first movies just leading up to … dare I say…. assembling the Avengers?

38. The long leather jacket is such a power move.

39. OH HEY!! The guy with the long job title from the first Iron Man!! I should learn his name. *IMDB again* COULSON. Agent Coulson.

40. This tender long lost father-son moment is v. sweet.

41. Tony trying to stop the insane ferris wheel contraption but it continuing to spin is a perfect metaphor for 2020.


43. I wonder what is in New Mexico. It feels like all of this is just one big Easter egg now.

44. Generally speaking, I don’t love birds but I really hope they don’t hurt it.

45. Sam Rockwell is not strong enough to be this arrogant or mean to Ivan.

46. Rhodes. You’re better than this.

47. Vanko you smooth son of a gun.

48. Pepps and Natasha will NOT be disrespected!!

49. “Nice work kid.” Tony Stark, you’re a treasure.

50. Come on Pete Becker, use the fish hook!

51. We stan a strong lady super hero. Talking about you Natasha!!

52. “It’s your fault, I just wanted to say I’m sorry.” – Rhodes, also me apologizing to my team when we lose at game night

53. Oh the fire whips + suit is a nice touch. You gotta give it to Vanko — he’s got style.

54. Rhodes and Iron Man — saving the world one fancy high five at a time.

55. I audibly gasped when all the droids started beeping.


57. “My body literally cannot handle the stress.” – Pepper, also me watching Marvel films

58. YESSSSS KISS HER!!!!!!!!

59. That folder says Avenger which is v. exciting.


61. *fast forwards credits*

62. I bet this is New Mexico!!!!

63. OMG THAT IS THOR’S HAMMER!!!!!!!!!!!


Overall: I really enjoyed Iron Man 2. I had high hopes after watching Iron Man, and they were met, but not exceeded. Tony Stark’s sass and wit continued to be excellent, and the humor that was missing from Incredible Hulk is back. I loved the introduction of Natasha, who I know we’ll meet again, and the continued interweaving of the the various heroes. While I think I liked it slightly less than the first Iron Man, it was still very enjoyable.

On a scale from 1-10, where 1 is Chicken Little and 10 is The Lion King, I award Iron Man 2 a 6.9!

Next up: Thor!

What’s your favorite Marvel Movie? Let us know in the comments!


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9 Replies to “63 Thoughts I Had Watching ‘Iron Man 2’ for the First Time”

  1. If you enjoyed Iron Man 2, you’re in luck because that is one of the weaker films. Things are going to really start rolling!

  2. So happy you like this one better than Hulk. Tony is very witty. If you really like the interweaving of stories you will love all the films and Infinity War and End Game. I think my favorite series is Captain America but of just 1 film of all of them – Ragnorok followed by Infinity War and then End Game.

  3. The DJ in the movie is Adam Goldstein aka DJ AM who if you remember survived that plane crash with Travis Barker then later died of a drug overdose. 🙁

  4. Reading your comments is honestly one of my highlights of my day. It is like watching these movies all over again for the 100th time! The first few movies are good (first Iron Man is exceptional) and I think they get SO MUCH BETTER!! Gah. I love them so much.

  5. Tony Stark is my favorite Avanger! And if you saw RDJr doing press for these movies you would realize that he IS Tony Stark!! 🥰 I adore him! I’m a bit envious that you have all these great movies to watch for the first time. Tony Stark, Vision, Loki and Star Lord/Quill are my favorites!

  6. I believe I read the “Nice work kid” kid is actually a young Peter Parker aka future Spider-Man! 😮 So the interweaving is more complex than we know. 🤔

  7. Might I suggest looking up the YouTube video “A funny thing happened on the way to Thor’s hammer”, before you watch “Thor”?

  8. Omg. Comment #38. 🤣 Yes. The first Iron Man was the best and yes, Sam Rockwell’s Orange hands were very distracting. The Hulk was awful.
    The Thor movies are my favorites. A lot of eye candy between Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston. Sigh. Scarlett Johansson always kicks ass. Also, I think you’ll love Captain America.