Disneyland Construction Update: Haunted Mansion, Snow White’s Scary Adventures, and King Arthur Carrousel 01/23/20

Ahh, the classic, uninterrupted view of historic and fantastical buildings around Fantasyland — wait a minute. What is that?!

Pay no attention to the attraction behind the curtain.

Well, we can’t say Fantasyland is looking quite as magical over in Disneyland Park as most of it is covered in barriers and scrims. Still, big things are coming in the way of changes in the park, and hopefully, the construction will be worth it!

Incorporeal Improvements 

First, let’s step out of Fantasyland and into New Orleans Square where Haunted Mansion is closed (to living patrons anyway!). The attraction is currently under refurb to refresh interiors and maintain attraction mechanics.

A friendly announcement from the Ghosts Relations Dept.

By the looks of it, Jack Skellington has yet to vacate the premises, so this closure will likely include the removal of The Nightmare Before Christmas overlay, too.

Nightmares after Christmas seem to be the case here.

While presumably spectral workers get the job done behind the scrim, there’s a sign directing corporeal folks to the rest of New Orleans Square.

But no attraction is quite as “spirited” as this one!

And there’s a fun temporary gallery posted on the gates! So, if you’re a big Haunted Mansion fan and bummed about the closure, you can at least check out some history of the attraction.

Temporary Gallery

See! Get up close and personal with some concept art from the attraction’s development.

Haunted Mansions of Designs Past

Snow White’s Not-So-Scary Adventures

Okay, now let’s head over to Fantasyland. That big ol’ construction scrim we pictured earlier is for none other than one of the most famous opening day attractions in Disneyland — Snow White’s Scary Adventures.

Snow White Construction Sign

Poor Sleeping Beauty because this view from the castle is not exactly a sight for sore eyes. The refurbishment is actually pretty significant as this classic attraction is getting a new vignette and a whole new “Happily Ever After” scene!

Pretty conspicuous construction!

On the outside of the construction barriers, you can check out some of the stills from the film that inspired the new aspects of the attraction.

Ride Imagery

King Arthur’s Carrousel — Still Off at the Crusades

But that’s not the only disruption to scenic Fantasyland. There’s a big round barrier circling King Arthur’s Carrousel.

So many Fantasyland barriers!

Interestingly enough, we’re not sure what this refurb entails, but we know that it is lengthy. Those horses are probably going to come back looking better than ever!

You can still check out the sword from the stone!

But, that’s all — for now at least! We’ll be sure to keep you updated on any more construction we spot around the park.

Are you excited for these updates or just annoyed by all the ride downtime? Let us know in the comments! 

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