Possible Relief for Magic Kingdom-Area Traffic — but It’s Going to be a While

The Reedy Creek Improvement District has just had permits approved for a big construction project on World Drive.

Traffic is going to improve (hopefully) near the Magic Kingdom… but it’ll get worse before it gets better.

The goal? Helping to relieve congestion along the entrance and exit to Magic Kingdom as well as providing easier access to the Magic Kingdom Resort Area. The downside? Construction in the busiest part of the resort.

The new project has two major components; an adjustment to World Drive itself and an extension of Floridian Way.

The Construction Plans. © Disney

First, World Drive will be slightly realigned and widened to allow more traffic, while ramps will be added to connect Floridian Way to Bear Island, and the Magic Kingdom Exit to the Car Care Center. Currently, to access the Car Care Center, one will need to take a convoluted roundabout path, which isn’t exactly easy when you have car trouble.

Yeah, I can’t really read these either. © Disney

Next, four new bridges will be added, carrying Floridian Way over the Magic Kingdom Exit and making access to the Grand Floridian Resort much easier. It will also help boost accessibility to the Car Care Center.

However, the result is that a massive construction project will be taking place right by the already congested Magic Kingdom. While the result will definitely relieve some pressure, expect delays for some time as the construction progresses. No timeline for the project has been released, but we’ll update as we see things get going.

Be sure to stay tuned to All Ears for updates on construction, including when it begins and how it will affect your vacation.

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4 Replies to “Possible Relief for Magic Kingdom-Area Traffic — but It’s Going to be a While”

  1. Why not do away with the parking toll booth…charge $5-$10 more per park ticket and call it a day. Saves them money on staff, machines, etc. It is the most irritating part about getting to any of their parks, especially for AP holders who don’t have to pay! If they want to keep the toll booth, open multiple AP only lanes so we don’t have to wait 30 minutes to get to the parking lot.

    1. 5-10 more dollars? You mean $25 more dollars. Parking has gotten ridiculously high and you know as well as I do that Disney isn’t in the business of saving anyone any money. I guess if you factor in that all people would be paying even if they are strictly using the bus system it would all balance out though. Interesting idea. I agree that the toll booths are annoying and it really sets a bad tone right at the beginning of your day to be gouged with high parking prices and adding it to the already insane park ticket price would at least take the sting out of that price tag….or at the very least let you get the cussing over with ahead of time. lol

      1. Disney figures time sitting in your car to get into the park is time you are NOT in the park wearing out the rides. Ticket price is the same if you enter the park at rope drop or noon. Calculate the actual number or minutes you are being entertained on rides or other attractions and the cost per minute rate of tickets looks even more ridiculous.