Nine Life Lessons Taught by Disney Villains

While we all know that Disney heroes and heroines have taught us a LOT throughout the years, have you ever stopped to think about the lessons you learned from Disney villains?

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We’ve pulled together nine poignant life lessons we learned from Disney villains!


Ursula teaches us the importance of body language. She also oozes self-confidence and shows what it means to be comfortable in our own skin (right up until she transforms herself into a human and tries to steal Prince Eric…). Stay true to yourself, sea witch!

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Captain Hook

Captain Hook teaches us that no matter how strong and confident a person may be, everyone is afraid of something! In his case, it’s a croc.

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Mother Gothel

Mother Gothel shows that while it’s okay to hold onto our childhoods, we all need to grow up sometime. And with her vile self as an antithesis, we also learn that aging is part of life’s journey.

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Cruella de Vil

Cruella de Vil teaches us the importance of fashion (which, you know, obviously she takes too far…) and how to look stellar while kicking major butt.

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Evil Stepsisters

From this snooty duo, we learn that you don’t have to think the same as your parents. It’s OKAY to have different wants, desires, and beliefs from the people that raised you. Venture out and see the world for yourself like Anastasia in Cinderella 2.

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After watching Maleficient, it’s clear that everyone deserves a second chance!

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The Evil Queen

While the Evil Queen seeks validation from an all-knowing mirror, she inadvertently teaches viewers that the real magic is finding love within.

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Gaston teaches us that you can’t always get what you want, especially if you go about achieving it in the wrong manner!

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Scar teaches us that there are repercussions for your actions. He also exemplifies the notion that one should not attempt to achieve one’s goals by tearing others down.

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What did the Disney villains teach you? Let us know in the comments below! 

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