Refurbishment and Repairs Started on Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle

Construction walls have gone up this week around Disneyland‘s Sleeping Beauty Castle.  But, don’t worry — there won’t be any major changes made to the castle during the refurbishment and repair.

Sleeping Beauty Castle Refurbishment

The main reason for the construction is to complete repairs to the castle and its roof as a result of damage from the 60th anniversary decorations.

A sign on the construction wall assures visitors that the castle will keep its familiar and favorite blue, grey, and pink color palette.

Sleeping Beauty Castle Refurbishment
Sleeping Beauty Castle Refurbishment

An article in the OC Register reported Disney plans to spend $300,000 to re-roof the castle and replace fiber-reinforced plastic on the castle’s turrets .

If you’re wondering how you’ll get to Fanstasyland while the castle is closed, you’ll need to use the Big Thunder Mountain Trail or the Parade Route along the Matterhorn.

Sleeping Beauty Castle Refurbishment

If you want a photo of the iconic castle it will be best to get that as you enter the park at the “base” of  Main Street, U.S.A. since the top of the castle is not covered up — yet. As the repair work and refurbishment continues even the top of the castle may be covered with scaffolding and or scrims.

Sleeping Beauty Castle Refurbishment

According to Disneyland’s refurbishment schedule, the Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough attraction remains open to guests right now, but will close beginning January 17th.

It is anticipated that the work on the castle will be completed in the Spring.

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One Reply to “Refurbishment and Repairs Started on Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle”

  1. Whenever sleeping beauty’s castle is mentioned, I always think of my daughter (who was a frequent WDW visitor) on her first trip to Disneyland. She was shocked to see how much smaller it was than Cinderella’s castle.

    And I’ve read that WDW wanted to make Cinderella’s castle much taller, but FFA regulations prohibited it. Didn’t want a plane or the blimp to run into it.