Disney’s new Star Wars hotel to allow guests step into story and role-play


“Immersive” has been a buzzword in the theme-park industry for years, especially since Universal Orlando allowed its visitors to step into The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in 2010. The Walt Disney Company quickly followed suit a couple years later with Cars Land at Disney California Adventure and new Fantasyland attractions in the Magic Kingdom.


Now, Disney Parks and Resorts are taking immersive to a new level with the Star Wars-themed hotel that is being planned for Walt Disney World. The announcement came at the D23 Expo over the weekend in Anaheim, Calif. Details were not plentiful, but here is what we know so far:

** The hotel will be a luxury hotel. Many are assuming that means it will be on par with Disney World’s deluxe category.

** The hotel is a large part of the experience, not just a place to stay. Guests will feel like they are stepping into a place in the Star Wars story, not just a Star Wars-themed hotel.

** To accomplish that feeling of immersion, each guest will be given a storyline that shapes his or her experience.


** Guests will wear Star Wars costumes during the experience.

** Hotel employees will play characters in the Star Wars story while performing their duties. That’s different from other Walt Disney World hotel staffs.

** This is advertised as a “multi-day adventure,” and it likely will be priced as such. Surveys given to guests visiting Walt Disney World indicated the price point could be $1,000 per person for three days and two nights. Disney has not announced an official price for the experience.


** The hotel will be a spaceship in the Star Wars fleet. As such, there won’t be windows looking out to Walt Disney World grounds. Instead, each window will show space scenes. Some are speculating these fake windows could be like the popular magic portholes on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy cruise ships that show changing scenes from the ocean.

To many, the opportunity to participate in this type of continuous role-playing in the Star Wars universe is a dream come true. Others — even those who enjoy Star Wars — may not be certain they want to spend their Disney vacation holed up in a hotel experience. So, I’m curious what YOUR family would do. Would you like to experience the Star Wars hotel? Will your family split up so certain members can enjoy it? If you do the experience, would you stay on afterward to go to the other theme parks? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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9 Replies to “Disney’s new Star Wars hotel to allow guests step into story and role-play”

  1. Any idea if some of the rooms would be part of the DVC? Also to add to the immersive experience, would they be using AR or VR glasses or by then would anyone need glasses to experience the 3D augmented reality effect.

    KRISTIN: At this point, Disney has not revealed any other details. We don’t even know the location of the hotel yet!

  2. No, I am afraid I am a moderate price kind of gal and luxury and deluxe are not in my vocabulary!

  3. I would go this hotel if there was a choice of just stay at the hotel or stay and also go to the parks.

  4. Price doesn’t seem to stop the other luxury resorts from being booked. As long as Disney provides their usual “magic” and it doesn’t come off as cheesy I think it will be very popular. It will be interesting to see how they fit everyone for costumes, see if they encourage or discourage people bringing their own costumes, keep the guests role playing for others enjoyment as well as curbing others from possibly getting out of control from over role playing. It might only appeal to a certain crowd, and for some it might be a once in a lifetime experience, while for other enthusiasts it might be a repeat adventure, but I can see families as well as adults enjoying this. Personally speaking, my husband and I have no children but would probably try this by itself- not combined with going to the other parks. I think it’s a fun idea!

  5. I think this will be amazing! The price is the only thing that concerns me. I can’t wait to get more details!

  6. The price point would keep me from signing up for this. I’m also going to guess that in order to maintain the immersive depth that resort hoppers would not be welcomed to visit this location?

    KRISTIN: That would be my assumption, too, though that has not been officially stated.

  7. I would definitely do this as a separate vacation, or possibly add as an extension to a Disney World vacation.

  8. I could see this working if it wasn’t at WDW. The temptations of everything that is WDW will make it hard for most to commit to a vacation of staying in a hotel when you have 4 awesome parks right beside you. I think the price point will also be a deal breaker. $333 per person per day is a bit steep just to live out your star wars fantasy. That would depend on how immersive it was. I suppose there would have to be action activities or virtual simulators enough to fill your day, well, actually 3 days.