Animation Courtyard, Still a Kodak Moment

Light Meter by Lisa K. Berton

Disney’s Hollywood Studios brings animated and digitally created characters to life, especially in Animation Courtyard. Kids can meet Little Einsteins and Handy Manny. Teens learn how to draw in a hands-on demonstration and adults whip out credit cards to buy art in various formats.

Yes, I know, Scott posted a photo of the entrance too but I had already edited my photo and started on my blog when I saw his post. Send me back to Florida if you want to see a different photo.

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2 Replies to “Animation Courtyard, Still a Kodak Moment”

  1. Not only am I sending you to Florida again, but you’ll have to go to the California Grill.

    Lisa responds: Great! When do I leave?

  2. I enjoy that you take a topic, and each present your own response to that topic. I find it interesting — not a problem — that you sometimes have two similar photos. Maybe it just means you’ve both done it right?

    Lisa responds: Sure, let’s go with that. 😉