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The 2nd Long Lost Friends week has returned to the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. Here are some photos from Monday morning. Video will be loaded soon. My preview blog is here!


The characters began their meet and greets at 9am and kept a 20 minutes on, 10 minutes off schedule all morning. Lines weren’t too bad.

From the movie Chicken Little, Chicken Little and Abby Mallard made an appearance. I have never seen them in the parks before, so I was excited to meet them. They were lots of fun.





Brer Rabbit, Brer Bear and Brer Fox were really having a great time with guests. I had so much fun with them (hopefully the video will come out 🙂





Dr. Facilier and Louis from the Princess and the Frog.




The fourth group was a “return” from the first Long Lost Friends week, the group from Robin Hood: Robin Hood, Prince John, Friar Tuck, and The Sheriff of Nottingham.






Characters are NOT signing autographs however……..
Once again, autograph cards were given out after your time with the characters. Be sure to ask for them before you leave that area. This really works well because you have more time to interact with all your long lost friends!



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6 Replies to “Limited Time Magic Returns”

  1. Deb, Is it all characters not signing or just the long lost ones?

    ALLEARS: Only the Long Lost Friends are issuing autographed cards and not signing personal items. Far as we know, all “regular” characters are doing their “regular” thing.

  2. It’s great the WDW is bringing back hard to find characters!!! I would love to see them to continue to do this. With so many characters from all the years, there could always be different ones available to interact with.

  3. I am so happy to see the characters from the Robin Hood cartoon. This has always been one of my favorite movies. I own the dvd and can watch it anytime. I am coming in October I suppose they won’t be there then

  4. I SO wish I could be there this week! I’d love to get Robin Hood’s autograph and picture! Too bad Maid Marian wasn’t also out and about.

    I truly wish that WDW would bring these classic and unique characters out on a more frequent basis so that they wouldn’t be considered “hard to find.”

  5. Deb – quick question re: process for meet and greets with Long Lost Friends characters. I see above where they hand out autograph cards. Does this mean that these characters will not sign autograph books? Thanks!

    DEB: Characters are NOT signing autographs. Simply ask the Cast member attendant for the autograph card. This actually frees up time for better interaction with the characters!

  6. Hey Deb, it is great to see all the characters that you don’t see everyday! I grew up watching Robin Hood, the jungle book and many others so this is great.