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Yesterday while driving around Disney World, I glimpsed a bus design that I wasn’t familiar with. Through the corner of my eye, I thought I saw the word “Disney” as the bus turned into Port Orleans. I made a quick U-turn and followed the bus into the resort. Eventually, I found it parked at a bus stop and sure enough, it was a Disney Transport bus. These are the buses that carry guests to all points around Disney World.

Although I can’t substantiate this, I have to assume that this is the new design for the Disney Transport buses. And as new buses are purchased and others refurbished, I suspect we’ll be seeing more of these.


The paint is also reflective. This will make them more visible at night.


Personally, I like this new design. Both the color scheme and retro look seem fresh and imaginative. I hope to see more of these buses around property in the days to come.

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18 Replies to “New Disney Transport Look”

  1. New Disney Transport Look liked it when the buses were color coded. Our first time to WDW the family all knew “Pink and Green Port Orleans”

  2. All of the Disney buses will soon be painted like this. They are not new vehicles, just new paint jobs on the fleet of buses we already have. The new design is based on the costumes of the bus drivers, which were already grey with a line of red.

  3. Hi Jack,
    I saw a photo of these new buses at the Disney Parks blog several weeks ago. I really like the looks of these new buses.

  4. I think redesign is nice. When I was there in mid-March, I was talking with an intern for Disney Transportation who was monitoring bus arrival times, he said Disney only has 300 (I would have bet the house on a four digit number!) transport buses. The interesting fact, is ridership across the property is up around 30%, yet they have “lost” 15% of the buses over the last few years due to “retirement/accident”. They now have to aggressively purchase the new buses to meet the new ridership levels. It was an interesting conversation to say the least.

    Concerning the longer look, while yes, they are slightly longer, it is the shortened wheel base that allows for tighter turns making the allusion that the bus is getting much longer.

    Also, they are building new bus depots at MK for the tandem buses.

  5. It is a nice looking bus. Hopefully these buses will accomodate more people than before. the other buses did not seat very many people. Hopefully they looked into that aspect.

  6. Nice bus. it does seem longer. Hopefully they will accomodate more people. The other buses really didnt hold alot of people. They had alot of wasted space.

  7. I love the dome concept, but I heard it was going to cover all of Walt Disney World. I met a family once leaving WDW as I was arriving, and they were very upset. I asked them what was wrong. They said that they had a miserable vacation, and they were never going to come back. When I asked why, they said it was because it rained their whole vacation.

  8. hey Jack
    I like the new design. I am a fan of the retro look and was not a fan of the old purple look as much. can’t wait for your next blog and as always keep up the great work.

  9. I like the new design, simple and doesnt scream which I think some may like. My gripe is how “green” disney is and not a single natural gas or electric bus?!

    Jack’s Answer:

    A couple of years ago, Disney was testing a bus that runs on natural gas. I even rode on it once. I have no idea what the results were, but I have to guess it didn’t work out as we don’t see them around today.

  10. Aww I’m not sure if I like these, I don’t think they stand out as much as the other ones, but I’m sure i will get used to them,

  11. I like it… and is it just me, or does this new bus look a little longer? Maybe it’s to accommodate more passengers?

  12. Not so sure about the red color. I liked the purple as it wasnt so blaring of a color as red is. But it definitely stands out.

  13. I like this a lot too! I’m not a fan of “noisy” design (or the color purple, so maybe I’m just biased!), so I really like this new clean look, yet it still stands out.

  14. I like the new bus design, too. I spotted it one night at Animal Kingdom Lodge two weeks ago and I quickly snapped a picture on my phone. I have no issues with the old purple design, but it’s time for a change as far as I’m concerned.