Where Is Mike?


I have been receiving many emails lately asking, “Where are you Mike?” and “Are you okay?” and I’d like to let everyone know that I will be returning soon.

I am working on a very specific project and within the next few weeks I will return to my regular blogging schedule with some exciting news.

Thanks to everyone for their patience and I am looking forward to returning to my regular schedule real soon.

Good things come to those who wait!!!


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6 Replies to “Where Is Mike?”

  1. Mike.

    Enjoy you on WDW Today and Mickey Miles Podcast, BUT…. where are you for this site. Would be nice to hear a bit about what you have been up to for the last 6 months. Beside the two podcasts.


    Hi Curtis,

    Needless to say I’ve been busy but hope to be back sometime this week.

    Keep the faith.


  2. Mike;

    Just stumbled upon your new, well not so new, podcast…. Mickeymiles. Question… since I have been less than dutiful with listening to WDW today… Is the podcast the “specific project” you were working on. If so….. It was worth the wait!! Left a post on the site and Michelle replied. I think you have found the RIGHT mixture of information for BOTH the novice and experienced runner. I am busily trying to catch up. Best to you and yours;


    Thanks Curtis.


  3. Welcome back Mike. But from where?? When will we hear about the “Good things to come?” An anxious fan and others await the news with bated breath.

  4. O.K. Mike,It has been 3 weeks since you told us you were working on a special project. My guess is “Personalized” tour excursions to WDW. Close? Probably not, but interested all the same. Hope all is well and the summer has been good to you.

    * * * *

    Hi Curtis….I’m back