Tower of Steps

Light Meter by Lisa K. Berton

The biggest challenge when doing group photos is to make sure everyone can be seen clearly. It’s best to stagger people and create various levels. If you’re working on one level, such as the ground or floor, put the taller people in the front and have them kneel down. Yes, the taller people because with the shorter folks behind them, it compresses the space in the shot and you don’t have to back up as far.

My example shows using the staircase over by Tower of Terror’s exit, if my memory serves me right. Each individual had personal space and is clearly visible. There are 5 levels in this group photo of the men and women of

Taken with the Canon EOS A2 and Canon 28-90mm USM. Fujifilm Press 400.

This is my entry for our Disney Pic of the Week theme, Groups.

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