Light Meter: The 2008 Spring Line Part 1

While fashion divas and divos have already released their wild and crazy spring line on us, the camera industry is just about to start releasing theirs. OK, so maybe calling cameras wild and crazy isn’t quite on spot or is it?

Canon has 4 new PowerShots due out as early as March. Let’s take a quick look at what they’ve got.

The A470 will be the least expensive of the newbies. With 7 MP, a 3.4X optical zoom, enhanced stabilization, and a 2.5″ screen, consider this camera for someone who does not use their camera very often or teens. The A470 is silver with orange, blue, pink or gray panels. Suggested price is $130.00

A slightly larger A series with more options is the A580. Highlights include a viewfinder, 8 MP, and a slightly more powerful flash. Anyone who enjoys taking photos will mostly likely enjoy this model. Suggested retail price is $150.00

The last of the new A’s is the A590 IS. This camera has Canon’s optical stabilizer and will help reduce blurred shots. This model like the A580 has a 4x optical zoom. You may add a wide angle or telephoto converter lens to the camera. Designed for the advanced photographer. Suggested price is $180.00

One new SD series is also on the horizon, the SD 1100 IS. In an assortment of flashy colors like gold, brown, pink, blue and the classic silver, Canon is competing in the newest trend that cameras are fashion accessories appealing to teens and early 20-somethings. Don’t let it’s cuteness fool you, this camera has the same flash power as the A580 and A590 IS (max 11ft.), the same 8MP with a 3x optical zoom. Retail price is $250.00

To learn more, please visit Canon’s website.

Please welcome Pentax to the runway. They too have several new offers for shoppers to discover. Pentax refers to all of their digital cameras as Optio followed by a specific model number. Let’s take a look.

The A40 is a sleek camera with a 3x optical zoom, 12 MP and optical stabilization. Packed with features, including a 2.5″ screen, ISO 50-800, and a lithium-ion battery, Pentax as always competes with Canon and Nikon by offering more for your money. Average price is $285.00

The S12 is a lower priced entry yet still has 12 MP. Offerred in both silver and black, the LCD screen is coated to be anti-reflective in bright situations. The video mode also records sound. Lists at $270.00

With less megapixels (8) and more zoom (5x) the M50 is the inbetween camera. The M50 is avaiable in silver, pink or blue and works on a lithium-ion battery and has 51 MB of internal memory as well as a SD card slot. Average retail price is $230.00.

Learn more about Pentax.

Please keep in mind that these prices may change before the cameras make it to the shelves.

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