Chris Mahnken – Arriving in Palermo

We’ve just pulled into port at Palermo – it’s 8:00 here. I’ve handed off my new silk jacket to the Disney cleaning crew – it was collateral damage in a flying wine war last night! One of our table mates brought his cricket bat and used it to fling a full glass of wine onto Sandy and me (mostly Sandy). Our head waiter was there in a flash with cleaning tickets on the house, so I’m we’re testing the dry cleaning guys to see if they can get it done before dinner tonight. They say it will be back in our cabin by 5:00!

So now it’s on to breakfast, then we’re off to visit Palermo and the village of Cefalu. We’ll have full reports this evening – perhaps even two, as we’ve got a late dinner in the private room at Palo tonight and may be able to get in a post both before and after.


Chris Mahnken

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