Disney's PhotoPass
at Walt Disney World

UPDATE October 2015: PhotoPass is now included FREE for Platinum, Platinum Plus and Gold Annual Passholders.

UPDATE: Enhancements to the My Disney Experience mobile app now allow you to view all your Disney PhotoPass vacation photos, including photos from select attraction and dining locations. You'll also be able to find Disney PhotoPass Photographer locations at Walt Disney World and link Disney PhotoPass Cards collected during your vacation. In addition, you'll be able to purchase Memory Maker through the app, and use the app to download Memory Maker photos and share them to other social media apps.


What is Disney's PhotoPass?

Disney PhotoPass photographers are stationed throughout the theme parks and Walt Disney World Resort to take digital pictures of your vacation. You can claim your photos any time, including online for 30 days after your trip is over. From there you can view your photos, order prints, and create photo keepsakes using Disney's PhotoPass online.

What is Memory Maker?

In 2012, Disney introduced PHOTOPASS+, an all-inclusive package that included all your PhotoPass photos PLUS select attraction photos AND Dining Print Packages. In 2013, PhotoPass+ was rebranded as Memory Maker. Like its predecessor, Memory Maker allows you to receive unlimited digital Disney PhotoPass photos captured at hundreds of locations throughout Walt Disney World Resort -- including attraction and Character Dining photographs. The photos are conveniently connected to your online Disney account with a touch of your MagicBand or card. There's no need to purchase each photo individually.

Once you arrive home from your vacation, you can view your photos and order a PhotoCD with all the high resolution photos plus a limited license agreement, which allows you to print photos at any local photo processing center.

How does PhotoPass Work at the Parks?

As Disney likes to put it: Smile! View. Shop.

Smile!: Look for the Disney PhotoPass photographers throughout Walt Disney World's four Theme Parks and the Water Parks, Disneyland's two parks, and New York City's World of Disney.

If you do not have a MagicBand linked to your My Disney Experience account, the first photographer you encounter will give you a plastic Disney's PhotoPass card with an ID number on the back. Hang onto that card and use it for the duration of your trip. In fact, you can hang on to it and use it on every trip you take! Each time you see one of the roving photographers and want a photo taken, just wait your turn and they'll get you situated, snap the pose, scan your card or MagicBand and off you go - and you can do this as often as you like. Don't worry if you end up with more than one card; your online PhotoPass account allows you to enter multiple cards!

Note: When you first receive your card, be sure to write down your ID number or take a clear digital photo of it. Cards can get lost or mixed up with another guest's. If you have your number, you have your photos. (People also write their family name on the back, like in the example on the left, or put an address label on the card, so they make sure to get the right card back.)

Water parks give you a special card that you wear around your wrist. Since the bracelet has a snap, it can be clipped to something like a lanyard or a backpack (like in the photo on the right), or keep wearing it on your wrist wherever you go in Disney.

View: You can view your pictures in two different ways:

In the parks: go to a Photo Center like the station pictured here. You can find these stations at the parks (See the Photo Centers for each park), and at these resort & Disney Springs locations:
-- Grand Floridian
-- Polynesian
-- Beach Club
-- Wilderness Lodge
-- Animal Kingdom Lodge
-- Disney Springs Marketplace

At home: go to MyDisneyPhotoPass.com for Walt Disney World (http://www.disneyphotopass.com/ for other locations), register for free, and enter the ID number on your card.

Disney will break down your photos in different views: All of your photos, and then one category for each park. The number of photos that you have for each category is listed right next to its name.

Remember, you can upload your own trip photos to take advantage of the PhotoPass system. Go to the View All & Order tab at the top of the page, and select My Uploaded Photos from the dropdown list. Plus, Disney's PhotoPass now has the option to pull any photos from your facebook account as well. Simply log into Disney's PhotoPass to see the Facebook link. Now you can edit all your photos, add borders and effects, and share them with your friends and family. Disney also provides photos they've taken of the characters and the parks, as well as a holiday section and Adventures by Disney. Select Disney's Photo Gallery from the dropdown list under the View All & Order tab or view them underneath your own PhotoPass photos, categorized by location and holidays.

Shop: You can create prints, customized photobooks, T-shirts, mugs greeting cards, and more. For the best value on prints, get your PhotoPass photos on Disney's PhotoCD. For more on products, see Products below.

Where are the Photographers?

Standard PhotoPass Photographer CostumeCostumes - PhotoPass Cast Members (no matter what park they are in) have a standard costume, like the one pictured on the left: blue shorts or pants, white shirt, khaki photographer's vest.

The PhotoPass Photographers are at some of the resort lobbies, such as Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge and the Grand Floridian, all the time now. These cast members wear just a white button down shirt and blue slacks. This is also true for the photographers at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort when they are taking photos for the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue outside of Pioneer Hall.

On Main Street in the Magic Kingdom, look for blue and white pinstripe shirts, with white pants and oversized beret-type hats, such as in the picture on the left.

What are the special "magic" character poses?

The photographers may ask you to do some fun poses. For example, they'll have you cup your hands or have you put them in the air like you're lifting something. When you view your photos, you'll perhaps see something magical added to your " photos". Keep in mind the special pose photographs are only available during the day.

Locations & Maps

PhotoPass is also available at select dining locations. If you purchase the photos offered tableside, they can add your pictures to your Disney's PhotoPass account. (Note: Tableside photo purchase is required to add dining photos to your Disney's PhotoPass ID.)

Cinderella's Royal Table at Magic Kingdom (photos included with meal price)
Princess Storybook Dining at Akershus, Norway in Epcot
Tusker House at Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park
1900 Park Fare
Chef Mickey's at Disney's Contemporary Resort
Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show at Disney's Polynesian Resort
'Ohana at Disney's Polynesian Resort
Mickey's Backyard Barbecue and the Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue Dinner show at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort

Resorts, such as the Polynesian, the Grand Floridian, Beach Club, and Animal Kingdom Lodge, have PhotoPass photographers in their lobbies all the time now.

More locations are added during special times such as for the Holiday Decorations, Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, and Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. Like the regular locations, these can change.

  • Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party locations
  • The hearse outside the Haunted Mansion (a ghost driver will appear in the photo)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • In front of Cinderella's Castle
  • The path from Cinderella Castle to Tomorrowland
  • Cinderella's coach in Tomorrowland (near the entrance to the former Skyway)
  • Town Square Character meet
  • Adventureland Character meet
  • Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party locations
  • Tomorrowland - Stitch's Cosmic Christmas Collection
  • Fantasyland, near Pooh's Playful Spot - Donald Duck and Company Very Merry Christmas Tree Lot
  • In front of Cinderella Castle at the Hub
  • Fantasyland, near Small World
  • Other holiday locations
  • Resort lobbies in front of their Christmas trees such as the Animal Kingdom Lodge and Grand Floridian
  • Santa's Christmas Chalet in Disney Springs; now you can take your pets too!
  • Meet Santa Claus and Mrs. Santa in a special section at the American Adventure in Epcot

Professional Portrait Service - You can have professional portraits taken of you and your family while you're at Walt Disney World. You'll have the beautiful resorts as your backdrop as they take dozens of photos. You need to make a reservation, so for more information or to schedule a portrait session, call 407-934-4004.

You can have your portrait session done at these resorts:
-- Grand Floridian
-- Polynesian
-- Beach Club
-- Wilderness Lodge
-- Animal Kingdom Lodge

You can choose from Professional Print packages or get all of your session images on the Professional Portrait CD (separate from Disney's PhotoPass PhotoCD). Because the CD purchase gives you full copyright of your pictures, you can have prints done at less expensive places. And since they are kept separate on their own PhotoPass Card ID, you can use this online for the different products. See more under Products - PhotoCD.

And remember: DVC Members get a discount!

Disney's PhotoPass Money Saving Tips

Save money on the CD! The pre-order offer is now available again to all guests! Before you leave, you can order the Photo CD and save. Simply go to Disney's PhotoPass Previsit Offer page to take advantage of the savings.

Save more money with specials! Check out the PhotoPass Special Offers page. You'll have to login.

FREE photo for Disney Visa Cardholders! Go to the Character Connection in Epcot, show your Disney Visa and your family will be escorted to a private area where you will meet some Disney characters. Then stop by the Camera Center on your way out and get your free 5 x 7 photo. One All Ears.Net reader noted that guests can actually go back every day of their trip and get one. You get a voucher for every card you have and get to choose your free pics at the photo shop in the front of Epcot. Since the characters change frequently and they do autographs for the kids, the line is well worth the wait even when it looks long. Especially with the things to do around the line for kids.

DVC Members get a discount on the Portrait Service! Save 20% on the Prints and CD package!

Save on the 5x7 package deal: if you want the one 5x7 and four wallets package deal that the parks offer, it is not offered on the PhotoPass website. You must purchase the 5x7 and wallets separately. So pick this up in the parks before you leave.

Save with the Calendar: If you have several Disney PhotoPass photos that you want to order, but shy away from the Prints and CD prices, consider the Photo Calendar. You'll get 13 of your best pictures (one on the cover and the 12 months). Readers report that the quality is good and it's an affordable way to have a memorable keepsake from Disney's PhotoPass.

No need for multiple CDs: If you have multiple PhotoPass cards (for example: your family went on a group trip and each person has a card), enter their numbers under one account. That way, all the photos are together if you want to order something like the PhotoCD. If you make a mistake and do put them under separate accounts, email Disney's PhotoPass and tell them the email addresses, passwords, and all the PhotoPass numbers that were used. They will set up one site and you'll be able to order one PhotoCD. It can take some time, but it's worth the savings and they'll extend your expiration dates to cover the time it took to fix the accounts.

Disney's PhotoPass General Tips

Save your ID number(s): Write it down or take a digital picture of it. If you have your ID, you have your photos, no matter what happens to the card.

For those using the Magic Your Way package and receive a PHOTOPASS card in your welcome packet, the card does not need to be registered.

Gets lots of photos: Start capturing the memories early in your stay. Let the Disney PhotoPass photographers help position your party for a variety of poses, plus the candid moments like the one on the left where a PhotoPass photographer got AllEars.Net's Deb Wills and Lisa Berton taking pictures of a MouseFest group.

Easy Card Access: Keep your Disney PhotoPass card in the clear plastic holder on your lanyard. It avoids having to fumble for the card and it can be scanned without having to take the card out.

Strollers: Take children out of the stroller before taking pictures with the PhotoPass photographers. Pictures come out so much better so the canopy doesn't shade their faces or hide their heads in the photos. Well worth the effort for great pictures.

Dining Locations: Go to a PhotoPass center and give them the date and approximate time of your event. They can set up the picture for your PhotoPass account, so you can even have it on a PhotoPass CD. This can take a little searching in the system, so please be patient.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique: if you need a costume larger than a (snug) children's 10, request it in advance and they'll have the proper size ready.

Adults are just as welcome to have their photo taken by a PhotoPass photographer, you waited in line too!

Pet Owners: during the holidays, Santa's Chalet at Disney Springs may be open to pets too! See AllEars.Net's Erin Blackwell's Disney's Photopass photos with pets as examples, and see more Disney pet friendly information on the Kennels page.

Don't forget night photos: When getting a picture with the park icons, get lots of pictures. Also make sure to go back and get additional photos after dark. The same pictures of those places after dark make for a completely different photograph.

During the evening and busy times of year, PHOTOPASS often can get busy and get lines. Do not just set your family up in front of the camera & wait for us because we often have a line. Say something to us.

Your Camera: PhotoPass photographers are happy to use your camera, even If you dont want PhotoPass. However, you still need to wait in line with everyone wanting the photographer to snap a picture.

Courtesy for Other Guests: When you enter a meet and greet line, and start talking about how great an actress Belle is or how hot Donald must be, remember that if the photographer hears you, they may gently remind you to keep the magic alive. If your child doesn't believe, the child behind them may still believe, so for the sake of innocence, keep the magic alive. 

Photographers are NOT commissioned. It truly does not make a difference in their pay how many
photos they take/sell. If a photographer approaches you, it's probably to ask you to scoot your stroller out of the way for a moving trolley/ECV/parade float. Or we just are saying "Hi!". Please don't yell "we dont want a photo!" 

Check your PhotoPass pictures before you leave a park: If something has unfortunately happened with the photos, something can be done to fix the situation. Cast Members (if time allows) may be able to help search for lost photos; if not, the online center will help recover them. If you don't like how the pictures came out, you don't have to wait until you get home to find out, and you may be able to get a replacement taken before you leave. If you want to be extra safe, you can have the photographer take a picture with your own camera.

Have Disney upload your photos: Before you leave the parks on your last day, go to a photo center and have them upload the photos from your digital camera. They will use your Photopass card and upload your photos to the same Photopass. This was much faster than doing it from home and you can use both Disney's PhotoPass photos and your own for the Photobook. It's also a good way to make sure that park's pictures are what you want, so you can come back before the end of your trip if you have to re-take them.

Missing Photos: If you have any pictures missing, contact Disney's PhotoPass. They will ask you for the day, time, and place where your picture was taken. If you have a digital picture of someone in the missing photos, you can send it to them making it easier and faster for them to find your pictures.

Editing Photos: As a precaution, make sure to save in the format you want (4x6 or 5x7, etc) when doing any edits such as borders. Otherwise, you might be causing trouble for later printing when you think it's a 4x6 later, but you actually saved it as a 5x7.

Pay attention to the dates! Each photo is online for 45 days from when it was taken. Make sure you claim your photos before the 45 days are up. They will be deleted from the system and can't be restored. Users can purchase an extension for the expiration date, but the only option will be for an extra 15 days and it only can be done once. So, for $19.95, your photos will be accessible for 60 days rather than 45 days.

Check The Status Of Your Order: select the "Check Order Status" link in your order confirmation email. You can also check your order status online by clicking on the "Check Order Status" link on your "My Account" page.

If you have any PhotoPass tips that you would like to share, please send them by using the feedback form at http://allears.net/forms/feedback.htm and choose the "Submit Tips" option.

Disney's PhotoPass: Tips on Posing

Get creative! Some photographers come up with great ideas, and you can come up with your own. Some of the best photos had guests:

Surrounded by balloons on Main Street. When a balloon cast member isn't busy, this makes for a colorful, unique background, and the photographer can work it so it looks like you're holding the balloons (but don't really!).

Taking advantage of other Disney icons: A photographer noticed a Main Street trolley coming towards them in the background and had a couple move to the side. Their photo now has them, the castle, and the trolley all framed in the shot. Another couple had a banner announcing a new attraction as their background. The closer you are to the Park icon you want a photo of, the better the icon will come out (And yes, the photographer will get the whole icon!)

Toasting is not just for champagne! One family toasted each other with their favorite Disney treat: Mickey ice cream bars!

Newlyweds and for your anniversary: A closeup of Mickey and Minnie's hands (gloves) laying on top of each other, palm up, and the guests' hands laying on top of theirs to display their wedding rings. In a pinch, if both Mickey and Minnie aren't available, one of them can use both their hands to lay underneath the couple's.

Take flight! Lisa on the AllEars.Net team actually brought in an apple and pretended to be poisoned with the Evil Queen from Snow White.

Use each other as props! A photographer had one wife ride piggyback on her husband, pointing out the direction they should take next on their adventure!

Getting autographs makes a nice candid as you talk to a character.

If the PhotoPass photographer asks you to do funny things - go with the flow - these ideas can make the best photos & you'll laugh at them years from now. 

Other Guests: The PhotoPass photographer is not allowed to ask other guests to move out of your photo.

No-Nos: Profanity or inappropriate clothing or too much exposure in photos will most likely be deleted or photographers will either not take the photo.

No Mary Poppins and No Terk: PhotoPass is not allowed under any circumstance to photograph Mary Poppins or Terk-due to copyright issues. 

Disney's PhotoPass Products and Costs

Up until now, you haven't paid a nickel. But now you have a variety of photo souvenirs available to you online. Full details for each of the products and current prices can be found on the official PhotoPass site. Remember, check out their Special Offers page too.

Forms of Payment: If you do place an order, they accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards for payment, as well as the Disney Gift Card and the Disney Rewards Card. Debit cards that carry the Visa or MasterCard logo and do not require a PIN number are also accepted.

Photo Deadline Extensions! If 30 days aren't enough, purchase an extension for the expiration date. The only option will be for an extra 15 days and it only can be done once. So, for $19.95, your photos will be accessible for 60 days rather than 45 days.

Photo CD: keep ALL of the professional Disney's PhotoPass in your albums. Each CD includes: high resolution .jpg files all the photos taken by Disney's PhotoPass photographers; all the photos taken by the photographers that you edited online with borders and additional characters; copyright release so you can print your photos at home or through any retailer for cheaper than the online prints. This makes the CD a great value. Regular price: $199.95. Save money on the CD with Disney's PhotoPass Previsit Offer page! If you're getting the Private Portrait Session, you can also do a package with the Portrait CD and a PhotoCD for the reduced price. See Disney's Professional Portrait Service. Please note: Your uploaded photos and the pictures from Disney's Photo Gallery can't be put on the CD.

2 New CD Products! You can now buy two other CDs for the photos not on your PhotoCD:
-- Archive CD for all of the photos you uploaded to Disney's PhotoPass and added Disney's borders. The price includes the license to print the photos with the graphics. Price: $19.95
-- Gallery CD which includes 400 hi-res images of Walt Disney World stock photos including many not available on the PhotoPass site! Purchasing the Photo Gallery CD grants you a license to unlimited personal use of the images, but unlike traditional Disney's PhotoPass photos, you are prohibited from distributing the photos. Price: $39.95.

Photo Book: 11" x 8.75" book with 20 pages (10 double-sided sheets). The Disney Parks & Resorts book comes in two varieties: the Personal PhotoBook includes unlimited use of your personal uploaded photos; and the Professional PhotoBook which uses ALL active photos in your account, sewn and bound in with premium padded charcoal gray hard cover. Cover has personalized foil stamp. The Adventures by Disney book uses all active photos in your account, sewn and bound in with premium padded charcoal gray hard cover. Cover has personalized foil stamp. Note: You can purchase additional pages for your book, but there's a limit to how many.

PhotoMovie: Combine your own digital photos and your Disney's PhotoPass images. Disney then creates a video with music and characters. It has a customized menu/title screen with the title of your choice, your PhotoMovie, and a bonus slideshow video of all the images in your PhotoMovie, accompanied by Disney music. Each movie includes up to 7 themed chapters with as many as 112 of your own photos added in. You can place the chapters in any order you like and can repeat chapters as well. Depending on the number of photos you include, the total running time for your DVD will be up to 24 minutes; up to 14 minutes for the PhotoMovie and up to 10 minutes for the slide show. The PhotoMovie DVD label is screen printed with Disney artwork and comes in a standard plastic DVD case with Disney artwork. Note: Disney's PhotoMovie currently only includes chapter selections from the Walt Disney World Resort.

Photo Prints: One thing hasn't changed from the old photo days to the new system: the price of prints! The 4x6 size has been added, and you get two for the price of the old 5x7. They have also added photo magnets and luggage tags, and you can choose from a matte or glossy finish to the pictures.

Two 4" x 6" prints of a single picture $14.95
One 5" x 7" print $12.95
One 8" x 10" print $16.95
One 5" x 7" print + four wallet-sized prints
All of the same picture
One 5" x 7" print + one magnet
Both of the same picture
One 5" x 7" print + one luggage tag
Both of the same picture
One 16" x 20" print $29.95

Uploaded photos are available in single 4" x 6" format only for $1.49 each.

2GB Mickey Glove USB Drive: A USB 2.0 Flash Memory Storage Drive shaped like Mickey's glove, perfect for carrying your favorite photos and other files. It attaches easily to a keychain. $19.95

Disney's PhotoDownload: Just like it says, you can download your photo. Each Disney's PhotoDownload includes a high-resolution .jpeg file of the selected image, as well as a copyright release document. Your image will also contain any edits you made including crops or the addition of Disney artwork. When you select "Disney's PhotoDownload" from the drop-down box in the size desired, a pop-up will explain the image formats and how the images will crop. Regardless of the crop size you choose from the drop-down, your PhotoDownload(s) will be sent in high-resolution (300 dpi) and will be good for prints up to 16" x 20". Each download is a .zip file containing a .jpeg file as well as the copyright release for your records. If you order multiple downloads, all of the images and releases will be in a single .zip file. The .zip file is named for the order number. PhotoDownloads will be available in the download center (which can be accessed from the "My Account" tab) for 10 days from the date of purchase. You can download each file up to 10 times within the 10 days. After the 10th download or the 10th day (whichever comes first), your downloads will no longer be available unless you buy them again. If images expire from your account, you will still be able to access and download purchased PhotoDownloads from the download center within these guidelines.

Green Products: a Photo Water Bottle, Note Cube, and Refrigerator Note Pad are now available.

PhotoCards: use your PhotoPass photos to make personalized greeting cards for birthdays, the holidays, and other occasions. You can order them in portrait or landscape layouts as well as folded cards. Purchase them in sets of 20 (including both cards and envelopes) for Standard cards and sets of 10 for the Folded cards.

PhotoShirt - you can use your PhotoPass photos, your uploaded and edited photos, or the pictures in the Disney Gallery and then add Disney artwork and captions to make your own design for a T-shirt. Adult sizes range from Small to XX-L; Youth sizes are Small to XL.

PhotoMugs: 15 oz ceramic mug. Includes multiple Disney designs.

Photo Calendar - Wirebound calendar printed on matte, heavyweight cardstock. Fun Disney-themed backgrounds for each month. You can use your PhotoPass photos, your own uploaded photos, and photos from Disney's Photo Gallery for the cover and each of the twelve months. Personalize with special dates, Disney milestones, and holidays. Calendar measures 8½" x 11" (closed).

Photo Ornaments - choose from 3 glazed porcelain shapes with your favorite photo on one side and fun Disney designs on the other. Over 15 designs to choose from, and you can use your PhotoPass photos, your own uploaded photos, and photos from Disney's Photo Gallery. Star Image Area: 1.875" in diameter. Round Image Area: 2.125" in diameter. Mickey Image Area: 2.375" in diameter.

Disney Photo DisPlays: high-gloss, scratch and UV-resistant finish. Permanently bonded to an easel back for convenient tabletop display. 5" x 7" or 8" x 10"

PhotoPass Mousepad: 9.125" x 7.75" printable area. High-density foam bottom with easy-to-clean, stain resistant linen surface. You can use your PhotoPass photos, your own uploaded photos, and photos from Disney's Photo Gallery.

Canvas Print: 16" x 20" canvas. Printed using 8-color inkjet process with a protective coating. Gallery-wrapped around a ½" thick wooden frame.

Disney's PhotoPass one 5" x 7" Print plus one Magnet: both of a single Disney's PhotoPass photo.

Disney's PhotoPass one 5" x 7" Print plus one Luggage Tag: both of a single Disney's PhotoPass photo.

Contacting Disney's PhotoPass

You can reach Disney's PhotoPass using their Contact Us form.

Call Guest Support at 407-560-4300 (9am to 1pm EST).
-- for Disney's Professional Portrait Service, call a different number: 407-934-4004.

If you want to check the status of your order, select the "Check Order Status" link in your order confirmation email. You can also check your order status by clicking on the "Check Order Status" link on your "My Account" page.