Kali River Rapids Animal Kingdom WDW at Large

A Special Report by gardenia

Kali River Rapids is now ready to take on even the largest Guests! When I first rode, I didn't fit in the seat belt they had although I was assured of fitting. The CM then said I didn't need to be buckled in, but to "hang on." When I went down the 30 foot drop, I was thrown to the floor of the raft and bruised pretty badly. I let the CM know to not allow others to ride without restraints. I then spoke to a supervisor and an engineer about getting extenders for the seat belts in much the same way as the airlines have. I am pleased to announce they now have these extenders and seem to have been trained in their discreet usage. This experience from David attests to their readiness to assist Guests of all sizes:

I was not disappointed when I went on the new Kali River Raft Ride at the Animal Kingdom. I checked with an attendant before I got in line and she very politely assured me there would be no problem. Sure enough, when I got to the ride vehicle there was an attendant ready with a seat belt extender. Getting on and off the vehicle was easy, and the seat was more than ample enough to accommodate me. The ride operators were really polite and sensitive and I got on and off with very little fuss. Since the seats are on a circular raft in six groups of two, they simply allowed me to have a two seat section to myself. As for the ride, it was great fun if not a bit too short. It is very similar to most rides of this genre but with the extra Disney theming. There is one rather exciting slide about midway through, and believe me you WILL get wet. All in all a most pleasant experience. Four out of five stars for me!

gardenia 6/99