Disney’s Hollywood Studios WDW at Large

Here is a listing of the rides in Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Links in the Seat Type Column, take you to Photos of the Ride Vehicles. Additional comments on individual rides are below the chart.

bench seats
sit on floor; some bench seats at back of room
bench seats without backs
amazing light, water, and fire show
theater seats
gentle ride
bench seats
theater seats
standing pre-show; show
Special Notes
Walk through Exhibit
jerky flight simulator ride
Special Notes
Ride Vehicle
Special accessible vehicles available
All Elevators have seatbelts! There are handles on the seat which may make it very uncomfortable to sit.
standing pre-show; 13-story free-falls
Special Notes
theater seats, benches available

General Studios Comments

Tony G.: Just wanted to give a report on my trip to WDW May 4-11, 2014.

Being a big person (6'2" – 370lbs – 54" waist – 4XL t-shirt) I was concerned about fitting on the rides at WDW. I felt some relief after reading All Ears, but the doubt was still there. I didn't ride a lot of rides, spent time letting the kids have their fun on the kiddie stuff, but here are the ones I did experience.

Star Tours – Very accommodating seat belts… (wish they had seat belts like this on airplanes!) Chairs may again be a tight fit for larger hips/butts, but ok for me.

Backlot Tour –
No issues, bench seat.

I was surprised to find that in most of the theater attractions they now have benches in the back of the theaters to accommodate larger guests. CMs also were very helpful in helping me find these and/or making sure I knew about them. These are located at Muppets 3D, and Voyage of the Little Mermaid. Sounds Dangerous does not allow this because you need to be in a theater seat to have earphones. However, a CM let me know that some of the endseat arm rests are broken and will flip back {These are the first seats that you come to so you may need to let other guests pass before you sit down)

Muppet Vision 3D

Be careful at the theater for Muppets…it has tight arm rests.

The seats in this show are tiny! The arm rests dug very deeply into my hips and hurt. I will continue to go to the show because I love the Muppets but I guess I will have to suffer the bruises!I am an agile size 26, with long legs 36 inch inseam.

Rock n' Roller Coaster

I wisely took the All Ears Net advice and asked to be seated in a front seat on this ride for the extra leg room, and my 6'6", 390 lb frame had no trouble fitting in this ride at all. And as a side note, this is one of the smoothest roller coasters I've ever been on – what an awesome ride! I will definitely be doing this one again. And again. Joshua Olive

Firstly, I'm 5' 10", roughly 340 lbs. I was nervous about riding this. I'd had a problem fitting into the seat on the Montu at Busch Gardens and couldn't ride, which was very humiliating so I try to avoid rides with a shoulder harness. I'd read on the website that the odd numbered seats have a little extra room, cast members must know where to seat large people because I was put in row 1 (great view). The seats are reclined so your stomach sticks out, it touches the bottom harness, you can't suck it in because then your chest gets bigger and pushes the harness up as well. There must have been no problems because the Cast members said nothing.

Lots of fun but your head gets beat up a little and no problems fitting – more leg room than it looks too. I am 5'10 and about 300 lbs.

No Problem at all! I am 5'11" and 320 pounds.

I'm 6' and 430 lbs and RnR is fine for me in either the front or the back. I did find that when I could spread my legs out a little further (in the front seats) that the harness seemed to come down a little farther.

Sci-Fi Dine In

One other problem area is the seating at Sci-Fi Dine-In. This is a GREAT restaurant especially for finicky eaters but the booths are shaped like cars and the table is attached to back of the seat in front of you. This is a tight squeeze. Make sure to ask for a table instead of a booth. These still are shaped like cars in the front but you sit in chairs at a regular table.

Star Tours

On our last visit to MGM Studios, we experienced "Star Tours" over 5 times due to my 8 year old son's obsession with the Star Wars movies. EVERY single time I boarded the ride, I ran into the arm rests with my "mother of three" over-sized hips, causing a huge black and blue bruise on my leg. My suggestion would be to always remember to turn sideways when boarding the seating area and be cautious of the arm rests. I only had this problem on Star Tours. Disney is very accommodating to all sizes of people. I hope readers will feel comfortable deciding to go to Disney World because it is a wonderful place to experience life, no matter what your size is. (Kelly )

I am 5'8" and weigh close to 350, with a very large tummy. This seat is a slightly uncomfortable seat with a buckle, but once I was able to buckle the belt (which I did with a bit of sucking in) the ride was fine, if not a bit jerky. To buckle the belt, I had to sort of lift up and buckle it underneath my stomach (all of you big folks out there like me should know this maneuver by now!), which was the narrowest part of my waist/hip area, and let the tummy sort of ride on top of the belt. After my initial fear about not fitting, the ride was very fun.

Tower of Terror

I am almost 400 lbs and Tower of Terror was always one of my favorites with the bench seats and bar. I panicked the last time when someone mentioned they had switched to those nasty seatbelts. When I got up to the elevator I pulled the CM aside (a skinny little size 2) who was wonderful and said don't worry that many larger than me have been on and she would help. She made sure to save the front row and the end seats for my firend and I. She had me sit down first and she pulled out the seat belt and fastened it (this was a great spot since the benches have no arms on the aisle side to give me extra room) and then had my friend sit and do his second. All this was done without much ado or embarrassment.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror has seat belts. I have been seated on the aisle, in the middle, and by the wall. The most comfortable spot is on the aisle, with the LEAST comfortable being by the wall.