Blizzard Beach WDW at Large

This tip is for your at large at the waterparks page. I am a Bigger person and have problems with the intertubes at water parks. What I do is get a double tube and put one of the openings over my head and hang on with their my arms. I then bring my legs up through the second opening and relax which is quite comfortable. This also helps for people who feel the need to control where they are going and don't like the feeling of not being in control while sitting in the tube. (Angela)


My two nephews coerced me into riding the Downhill Double Dipper at Blizzard Beach. This water slide consists of two, side-by-side water slides with (as the name implies) two dips where you go down partially through tubes. You grab a donut-like raft, carry it up the hill, and hit the slopes.

Being larger-sized (5'7", about 250 lbs), I was a little nervous. I didn't want to look like a total idiot when splashing down into the pool at the end of the ride (where everyone else waiting in line sees you!).

The most "difficult" part (and it wasn't really that bad, at all), was at the top of the slide, where you put your raft into the water and sat in it. I didn't do it as "daintily" as some of the younger, more agile people did, but after that part was over, the Cast Member pushed me off (as he did with all the other riders), and I gracefully (??) slid down the slide. (Ok, so my splashdown into the pool at the bottom of the slide wasn't that graceful, as my nephews were quick to point out, but other than that, I did OK!!)

That was the only slide I did; the other "attractions" in Blizzard Beach I enjoyed were the lazy river and the wave pool.

One thing to note to *all* guests at Blizzard Beach: The lines for the slides can get long in the peak of summer. Combine that with the hot Florida sun, and the white "snow-capped" mountains of Blizzard Beach, BE SURE to wear ample sunscreen. I did not and paid dearly.

My family has always loved the water parks and the various flumes and shoots and slides. Never had we had a problem until Blizzard Beach.

1. The ski lift: My 290 lb. fat thighs could not get off (un-stick) from the slat seat fast enough and the lift knocked me to the ground, causing the CM's to hit the panic button and stop the mechanism from moving, causing people to gawk. Yuck. The next time I took the stairs.

2. The Family Flume at Blizzard Beach . This a fine ride if you are heavy, but if your party consists of several heavy people DO NOT let the CMs put you all in the same tube. We were five people: 290 lb., 380 lb., 260 lb., 130 lb., and 60 lbs.. The CM's insisted we would all fit in one tube. First we bottomed out before getting over the first hump and then when the CM's pushed us past that point, physics took over and the heavy weight caused the tube to go out of control climbing the sides on the flume over turning the tube (and us). I thank God we survived without severe injury and that our children were totally okay.