Sunday, 11th of August 2019 Menu Changes to All Day Menu at Joy of Tea

Sunday, August 11th 2019 changes to Joy of Tea All Day Menu

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Bottled Soft Drinkscostchanged from 2.95to 4.25
Mango Gingerita costchanged from 8.95to 9.25
Tsing Tao Beercostchanged from 6.50to 7.50
Bubble Milk Teadescriptionchanged from sweetened; peach flavored black milk tea with tapioca pearlsto sweetened; peach flavored black tea with tapioca pearls
Tipsy Ducks in Lovecostchanged from 8.95to 10.50
Removed Peach Snap!from Menu Items
Removed Strawberry Red Bean Ice Creamfrom Menu Items
Removed caramel ginger ice creamfrom Menu Items
Removed Strawberry Oolong Tea Smoothiefrom Menu Items
Removed Mango Green Tea Smoothiefrom Menu Items
Removed Dragon Well Teafrom Menu Items
Removed Lychee Iced Black Teafrom Menu Items
Added Foo Beerto Menu Items
Added BaiJoe Punchto Menu Items
Added Kung Fu Punchto Menu Items
Added Ritzy Lycheeto Menu Items
Added Milk Cap Lychee Teato Menu Items
Added Oolong Teato Menu Items
Added Jasmine Teato Menu Items
Added Beerto Foo BeerMenu Categories
Added Specialty Cocktailsto BaiJoe PunchMenu Categories
Added Specialty Cocktailsto Kung Fu PunchMenu Categories
Added Specialty Cocktailsto Ritzy LycheeMenu Categories
Added Specialty Beverages (non-alcoholic)to Milk Cap Lychee TeaMenu Categories
Added Beveragesto Oolong TeaMenu Categories
Added Beveragesto Jasmine TeaMenu Categories