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Day in the Life at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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Here is my Day in the Life at Disney’s Hollywood Studios from early March, 2020 before the closure because of COVID-19. Will give you tips and links as I bring you all with me. If you drive to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and park, do not forget to photograph the location of your vehicle. I have seen plenty … Continue reading "Day in the Life at Disney’s Hollywood Studios"

Walt Disney World 373 Disneyland 1: Part II

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This is the second installment regarding my first trip to Disneyland. I want to concentrate on my attraction experience. Because of time constraints and a little something called the Disneyland Half Marathon, I had to make some choices and thus was able to experience only about two dozen of the almost 80 attractions waiting for … Continue reading "Walt Disney World 373 Disneyland 1: Part II"

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror — Part Two

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Yesterday, I gave you a brief history of the Tower of Terror and walked you through the attraction up through the Lobby. Today we’ll finish the tour. From the hotel lobby we proceed to one of the two libraries. It’s here that we’re told that our rooms are not quite ready and to please enjoy … Continue reading "Twilight Zone Tower of Terror — Part Two"