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Reviewed by Big Ben Review Date: 08/07/2016

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I really wish I could give this trip a better review, I can't. It was terrible from the start. Our biggest issues were with the trip itself and the guides. The trip itself was VERY rushed, we saw most of Yellowstone at 45 MPH! When we stopped to see something we usually only had 20-30 minutes to see everything, take pictures, read markers, etc. before we had to be back on the bus. One time they actually went on to the next stop without us! They did come back for us, but we had to rush through the next stop to keep 'on schedule'.
The guides in my opinion could have used more training. They seemed very insincere and scripted, not very helpful, and even gave us wrong information that totally conflicted with the info the 'local expert' gave us. They didn't do what they said they would do, and one even blew us off after she said she would help us with something.
As a DVC member and a Disney stockholder I am extremely disappointed in Disney, if I were them I would be ashamed to have my name on this trip and on the guides name tags. NOBODY at Disney so far seemed to be interested in hearing my issues. There were other Adventures by Disney trips that looked interesting, however, if they are anything like this one was, I will not spend my hard earned paycheck on them.


Beautiful scenery


Just about everything else, including the guides
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