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Reviewed by Anonymous Review Date: 06/19/2024

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Our daughter (11) was supposed to be in the Oceaneer’s Club during out last time on the Wish. She loves the Oceaneer’s Club/Lab! But just before our sailing, the rules were changed to 10 and under, and we were told she now had to go to the Edge. She was crushed, and we were very frustrated - we booked this trip believing she would have a fun and familiar place to be. But we encouraged her to check out the Edge and be open-minded. She hated it, and after going to an Open House, I can’t say I blame her. Nothing to do but play video games - and apparently there were issues with kids hogging the controllers and not even let other’s play. So more likely just watching total strangers play a game. She likes video games, but even she said that that’s not how she wants to spend her vacation. She can do that at home, anytime. What’s the point of a Disney vacation that feels like you’re just in someone’s rec room/finished basement?


There’s some video games if you’re willing to fight for access, probably fine if your kid doesn’t like Disney and is super social


Loud, boring, disorganized, very difficult space for kids who are less social or have sensory issues, surprisingly lacking in fun or Disney anything considering it’s, well, a Disney cruise
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