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Reviewed by DarthBrazen Review Date: 09/23/2021

Rating: (10)

My wife and I did this. The Imagineer was absolutely wonderful. She kept the discussion going with everyone at the table. She primarily focused on the history of building out Hollywood Studios, but she did it in such a way to include everyone in the discussion. We couldn't have asked for a better experience. It was definitely worth the time and money. If you are at least intrigued by what goes on in the background, this lunch is well worth it.


The food, the small group, and the time with the Imagineer


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Reviewed by Nodak Mouse Lover Review Date: 09/30/2018

Rating: (10)

We had an amazing time! Food was delicious, companions were like-minded Disney fans!
Our Imagineer had a great life story and it was so interesting to hear about all the different projects he has had the opportunity to be a contributor and leader! We are doing it again!!!


Everything! Food, company, fun


We have no cons. Not a con, but they should still have a "gift". Not necessarily the plate, just something.
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Reviewed by MSchreib13 Review Date: 03/21/2018

Rating: (2)
Not Recommended

The meal and Imagineer although good were NOT worth the cost. I tried to determine the cost from the Disney site menu but couldn't.
This experience is not on the dining plan.


Very good food. Interesting discussion with and Imagineer.


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