QUIZ: Can You Name These Extinct Rides from Disney World's Past?

These rides are long gone from Disney World, but do you remember them?
Disney TriviaAverage Score: 87%8 Questions

QUIZ: Can You Guess the Height of These 10 Disney World Rides

You may already know the height of Cinderella Castle, but do you know how high these Disney World rides reach?
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QUIZ: Can You Name These Minor Disney Characters?

Do you know who these minor, background Disney characters are?
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QUIZ: How Well Do You Know the MCU Villains?

Marvel’s been the name of the game recently with so much content rolling out. So we’re testing your Marvel villains knowledge!
Average Score: 78%8 Questions

Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Avengers?

Avengers, assemble! We’re calling all Marvel fans to put your knowledge to the test. So, get suited up, because we’re finding out how well YOU know the Avengers!
MarvelAverage Score: 73%8 Questions
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