We Wore an Amazon Neck Fan on a Hot Day in Disney World — Here’s What Happened

If you’ve been to Disney World in the summer, you know that it gets humid and HOT.

Sunny Day in Animal Kingdom

And during those rough summer days, you have to find ways to survive the weather! Staying hydrated, taking breaks in the air conditioning, and packing your park bag with the essentials all help you survive. Recently, we tried a popular method for dealing with the heat, and we’ve got to tell you about it!

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The past few summers, neck fans have been pretty popular in the parks during the summer! It’s a great hands-free way to cool off, and most models are battery-operated and rechargeable. We decided to test out two of Amazon’s best-selling neck fans in the park, and there were some surprises.

Crowds in Magic Kingdom

First up was the JISULIFE neck fan, which had the longer-lasting battery of the two. It was fairly easy to slide on and off my neck, but the power button was a little difficult to find while wearing it.

Neck fan

Because of the direction of the vents, the air blows most directly on my neck and chin with the shape of this fan. It did a fair job of cooling me off and keeping my neck from getting sweaty, but if you want to keep the middle of your body or your face cool, this probably isn’t the best choice.

It mostly blows air on your neck.

Of the two, the JISULIFE was my preferred choice because of the battery life. It’s pretty easy to charge with a USB-C cable.


The other option we tried out was the ASNUG neck fan. It had a significantly lower battery life (by about an hour and a half) but was also fairly easy to charge with the USB-C cord.


This design has a more narrow curve, so it was more difficult to take on and off my neck. However, the shape means that the air blows more directly on your face and cheeks instead of your neck. I found that to be more refreshing overall!

Back of the fan

However, the ASNUG fan came with one big problem — the sides where the blades are located are prone to sucking in long hair. A small piece of mine got sucked inside and then pulled out when it got wrapped around the blades.

The side of the fan

Even though the power button is located in a more favorable spot, the hair-sucking was a pretty big downside, as was the lower battery life. However, it still did it’s job fairly well! So this is a great option, just plan to wear your hair up if you’re going to wear it!


In the end, I decided that I probably prefer handheld fans because they’re a little more flexible to use than the ones that sit on your neck — I like being able to move it around my face and body for more cooling power! But we understand, that parents and those with littles will need a hands free option! So, if neck fans are your thing, I definitely recommend the JISULIFE for your next trip.


Stay tuned to AllEars for the latest updates on what to pack in Disney World! We’ll keep you in the loop.

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