Disney World “Hangover” Is Real — Here’s How To Cure It

I just got back from my last Disney World trip about 2 weeks ago and WOW am I feeling the post-Disney blues. 🥺


I got to try out new snacks for the team and write a review on them (so fun!), almost got run over by overzealous guests trying to make it in line for ONE more attraction before park close, hung out with the AllEars YouTube team and some of the DFB gals — it was the BEST time. If you’re feeling the Disney World hangover like I am, here are some things I’m doing to get myself through!

First of all, I want to preface — I know to some people it seems silly to miss a theme park so much, especially one with so many things geared towards kids. But for me, I wasn’t a Disney kid growing up (save for Cathy Rigby’s filmed theatrical performance of Peter Pan, that was it),  and so being in Disney World and having a great time getting to be a kid again while seeing/meeting my fellow coworkers is such a light in my life. And Disney World means a lot to people for various reasons — it’s just like people who miss the beach, or playing a sport! That passion doesn’t really leave you, and it doesn’t leave those of us who love Disney World either. 💟

My smile says it all!

Okay, now to the list!

Cook All Your Favorite Recipes!

Did you know Disney has TONS of their Disney World recipes listed online for you to replicate at home? And I’m not just talking the simple snacks, I’m talking about Tiana’s Gumbo, Sonoma Goat Cheese Ravioli, Frozen Mexican Hot Chocolate Dole Whip, and SO many more!


I also personally own both The Unofficial Disney Parks Cookbook and Drinks Recipe books, and not only do they make me so happy just seeing them sitting on my shelf, but I love to bake. So if I’m in a baking mood AND missing Disney World? You know what’s about to happen!


If you’re not into cooking or baking, this may not be the thing for you, but you could head over to our friends at Disney Food Blog and at least look at all their beautiful pictures of Disney World food!

These are the best Disney recipes to try in 2024!

My Entire Wardrobe Becomes Disney

It doesn’t matter to me that I’ve just spent a few days in the parks wearing my favorite Disney attire, I have MORE at home, and I’m going to continue the good vibes while wearing my favorite merchandise around my every day life.

Using this as an excuse to show off one of my favorite Disney shirts!

Work, rehearsal, the grocery store — you name it! I’ll be rocking Disney attire for about a week (at minimum) after my trip ends, just to continue to relive those memories.

A classic Mickey shirt is always great too!

Even better, if I was good about doing laundry as soon as I got back, I can even wear the same outfits I wore on vacation to REALLY bring back those same vibes!

Watch Back All My Photos and Videos

I document every Disney World trip I take with a vlog (a video blog), and am also HUGE on taking all the photos possible. Because I know (from prior experience) that editing those vlogs and watching them back at a later date, especially if I’m having a rough day, brings me so much joy.

Port Orleans Riverside — remembering I got to stay here always makes me smile!

And I highly recommend doing the same on your trips! While I usually travel solo and love watching those vlogs back, I’ve loved watching the clips where I’m with the AE and DFB teams, because not only do I consider them friends, but I also look up to them immensely. And those video clips not only bring a smile to my face, but encourage me to work hard so I can get back down there and record MORE clips!

All the smiles!!

If you’ve got clips/photos with your family and friends, you can relive those moments again and get a surge of serotonin to help you get through the day. Not to mention if you traveled with family, you can look back on those clips YEARS in the future and they become family home videos!

Reading Disney Books

And no, I don’t mean Little Golden Books or kids’ books (although NO judgement here — sometimes you wanna really relive your childhood and I say GO FOR IT!), I specifically mean the Kingdom Keepers series!

Kingdom Keepers Book Display

The Kingdom Keepers book series follows 5 teens who are chosen for an exclusive Disney hologram host project, where their holograms will guide guests around the parks each day. However, they discover something sinister is going on in the parks after dark when they wake up in the middle of the night as their holograms! While it’s geared toward a middle-grade audience, I could re-read the series a hundred times and never get tired of it!


I’m also a big fan of re-reading Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series frequently, and I’m looking at starting the Twisted Tales stories soon too! All of these series immerse me in the Disney magic while also satisfying my book dragon habits — there’s no better combination!

Book Another Trip

Of course, the best way to get over the Disney World hangover is to know when you’ll be going back again!

Cinderella Castle

If you book another trip, you’ll be dreaming instead about all the snacks you’ll try and rides you’ll experience on your next trip instead of reminiscing on what was. Now, is that the most cost-effective and smartest decision to make depending on what your financial situation looks like? Well, that’s based on you, so if you’re balling on a budget like I am most of the time, it’s likely not the smartest decision…

T-18 days ’till I’m back!

…With that being said, see y’all in Disney World at the end of this month (HA my wallet hates me)! Stay tuned to AllEars for all my personal latest adventures and all the Disney World tips and tricks you need for the best vacation!

Here are some more tips on how you can find some Disney magic closer to home!

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What’s your favorite way to make some Disney magic at home? Tell me in the comments!

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2 Replies to “Disney World “Hangover” Is Real — Here’s How To Cure It”

  1. Same…
    We got back 2 weeks ago. I want to book again. we continue to talk about the best memories and what we missed due to the heat but yeah my credit card said pay me off before booking again.

    1. The “pay me off before booking again” is FELT over here too! My credit card statement is glaring at me after buying my annual pass, haha. Thank you for reading!