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So much is happening right now at Disneyland and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on ANY OF IT! From returning entertainment you can only enjoy for a limited time, a brand new festival, AND tons of new food to try out, there’s so much to take in during your next day at Disneyland. It would be a shame if you had made plans to visit and unexpectedly found out, you couldn’t be let in.

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Luckily, there’s been a new feature added for Disneyland Magic Key holders that can help you do just that!

Change has finally made its way to the Disneyland app for Magic Key holders! Ever since their inception, Magic Key holders (or annual passholders for Disneyland) have been held to a strict standard when it comes to enjoying their park pass reservations.

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While up until this point, Magic Key holders were kind of left to their own math to remember how many “no show” days counted against their Magic Key pass, a recent update in the park reservations page is making that easier. Just as a reminder, for Disneyland Magic Key holders, making a park pass reservation and then canceling the reservation the same day or not showing up at all that day to redeem your reservation counts against your use of your park pass. After too many of these “no show” reservation days, you’ll find that your Magic Key pass has been temporarily disabled from visiting the parks for a period of time.


This latest update allows Magic Key holders to view per pass the number of “no show” days within the past 90-day time frame they have against their pass. We’re hoping this will help Magic Key holders track how close they could be to having their pass disabled and plan accordingly. Here’s a look at what Magic Key holders will see with the new update.


Once you’ve reached your park pass limit, the page will also notify you of that,  but the change here is the bottom indicator that tallies your recent no-show days over 90 days.


We’re unsure if this will lead to fewer Magic Key Passes being temporarily disabled from making and redeeming park pass reservations for a 30-day window but we think it’s a good step in the right direction!

We’re constantly keeping up with all the changes happening in and around the Disneyland parks and hotels so be sure to stay tuned with us for all the latest!

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Will this new update make your Disneyland visits easier to track? Tell us why or why not in the comments below!

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