So…How Old Is Goofy?

For nearly 90 years, Goofy has been one of the Walt Disney Company’s most beloved characters, including periods when his popularity even rivaled the beloved Mickey Mouse himself.

The Great Goofini

When we started wondering how old Goofy was, we discovered that the situation was a little more complicated than we anticipated.

Goofy first appeared in Mickey’s Revue, first released on May 25, 1932.


Since his original appearance, he’s been through a few different looks, and to be honest, we’re grateful for his evolving beauty routine and growth in fashion. 


Though it’s pretty well accepted that Goofy’s birthday is May 25th (shout out to fellow Geminis!), his actual age raises some questions.

Goofy is the only character of the Fab Five to have offspring. Yup, we’re talking about Max. When the Goofy Movie came out in 2000, we know that Max is 18 and heading to college. That means Max was born in 1982.

An ICONIC Father and Son duo!

If we walk that math backwards from Max going off to college to his birth year and Goofy’s age, it could look like Goofy was born around 1961. That would make Goofy 39 years old in the Goofy Movie, sending Max off to college.

So, how old is Goofy? Based on his first appearance in 1932, he’s over 90 years old! Based on his presumed age during the Goofy Movie, he’s around 60. But luckily, our favorite animated friend doesn’t have to follow the traditional aging convention—even at 90+ years old, he’s still in his prime!

Hiya, Goof!

Goofy is one of our favorite nonagenarian, and to be honest, we’re curious about his skincare routine, because he looks great!

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