I Let 10 Year Olds Plan My Day in Disney World — And It Was as Chaotic as It Sounds

Here at AllEars, we had a burning question we wanted answered. How would kids want to spend their day at Disney World?

What would a 10-year-old plan for us?

To answer this question, we enlisted the help of our friends, Audrey and David (and their mom Dory) to find out once and for all what a day at Disney World would be like if it was planned by 10-year-olds.

What could possibly go wrong with letting 10-year-olds plan my day in Disney World? We had a blast, and while the experience was also chaotic, I did learn a few things about going to Disney World with kids.

How bad could it be?

First off, kids likely don’t have a good grasp on their energy levels. The kids planned one of the longest days imaginable. Not only did we go to three parks, but we also stopped by Disney Springs AFTER watching Fantasmic! To say I was exhausted would be an understatement. However, the only reason kids are able to accomplish so much is because Mom and Dad end up carrying them out or make the call that certain things need to be skipped.

We definitely got our steps in!

Additionally, kids struggle with time management. Our day planned by 10-year-olds was an extremely pared down version of what the kiddos actually planned. If we had done everything they had planned, it probably would have taken us four days. Not an exaggeration, they were feeling very optimistic about what we could realistically get done.

Kids will likely want to do A LOT of things.

We initially had two different table service recommendations on our list, but with the number of additional items they wanted to get done, we had cut it down to just one table service restaurant. We definitely recommend only planning one table service per day max, so you have plenty of time to knock out other things in the parks.

50’s Prime Time Cafe

Be prepared for some odd food decisions. Our lunch was cheeseburger spring rolls. Just cheeseburger springs rolls, nothing else. There is definitely a reason that parents tell you to eat your vegetables. Let’s just say that a lunch of just cheeseburger spring rolls did not cut it, and we suffered a bit.

Cheeseburger Spring Rolls

Kids may not agree on which rides they want to ride. One of our 10-year-olds wanted to ride certain rides that the other 10-year-old definitely did NOT want to ride. It is important to balance the needs of your kiddos! In many of these instances, this actually worked out really great because the kid with the must not ride would use Rider Switch and then the kid with the must rides would get to ride her favorites twice. 

Slinky Dog Dash

One of my favorite aspects of letting the kids plan the day was seeing the things that were super meaningful for them. For instance, getting pixie dusted. Love it or hate it as an adult, our kiddos found this experience super meaningful. It was definitely wholesome, and sometimes I think we tend to glance over things as adults that really affect kids in such a positive way.

We loved watching the kids experiencing Disney.

Also, your kids might want weird souvenirs. No judgement here, but they may not be the souvenirs that you would THINK a 10-year-old would want. We ended up getting David a Christmas Dug Munchling that was themed to a beef and gravy pie. Whatever makes them happy, you know?

The best souvenir that ever existed!

A huge thanks to Audrey, David, and Dory for making all of our dreams come true and getting to experience a Disney World day planned by 10-year-olds. Check out our full day of letting 10-year-olds plan our Disney World Trip right here:

Stay tuned to AllEars for lots more Disney tips!

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Would you let your kids plan your Disney World day? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Loved this video so much! Got a VQ and ILL for Guardians in January—first time on ride for this 70 year old grandma. Wanted September. Got Everybody Wants to Rule the World —twice!! Quincy is right—so chill. Laughed. Still smiling an hour later. Also, speaking as a 70 yr old grandma—the knife and spoon go on the right. Fork on the left. Napkin to left of fork or on the plate or on your lap. Never under the flatware. 😀