Southwest Airlines Customers May Have a $100 Surprise Waiting in Their Inbox!

If you were affected by the Southwest Airlines debacle recently, you’ll want to keep a close watch over your email.


A recent surge of air traffic and some bad weather led to a serious pile-up of travelers over the past weekend. Hundreds of delays and many cancellations occurred causing travel issues for its passengers. Now they’re looking to extend a bit of an olive branch in an attempt to keep frustrated customers happy.

If you traveled via Southwest Airlines recently you may have experienced some significant troubles. Over the past week, Southwest Airlines delayed and cancelled hundreds of flights resulting in a full-on debacle that left travelers disappointed and frustrated.


Since then, Southwest has released an email to those travelers who were affected by the delays and offered a bit of concessions. In the email, Southwest Airlines apologizes for the delays which were caused by “inclement weather in the southeast and increased air traffic.”


They also went on to detail that a $100 LUV Voucher would be emailed to affected passengers over the next few weeks for use as a form of payment toward future travel with Southwest Airlines.

The Orlando Airport can be BUSY!

We think it was a nice touch for Southwest to take the time to apologize for the issues that resulted in so many being delayed and offer something in return to make up for travelers’ troubles.

We’re always tracking the best ways for you to travel to your next vacation so be sure to check back in with us soon for all the latest!

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  1. Southwest has gone from best to worst. Siting in Phoenix airport after they cancelled our flight to Dallas due to mechanical problems. New flight with a 4 hour delay. How to ruin a good family trip