A ‘Coco’ Land Could Be Part of Disney’s NEW $1.9 Billion Expansion Project

We have been hearing Disney talk about new and upcoming changes to the parks a lot recently.

Sleeping Beauty Castle

We have seen new updates to rides like Tiana’s Bayou Adventure implemented into the theme parks. Thanks to the DisneylandForward project, Coco might be brought to life in Disneyland.

Now it is important to note that this project is not confirmed, but something that could potentially happen. Disney has announced that they will be investing $1.9 billion into the parks and other experiences through the DisneylandForward project. 


This money is planned to be allocated for new lands, attractions, and hotels, as well as shopping and dining. The DisneylandForward project would expand in the current Toy Story parking lot at Disneyland, which is located west of Disneyland Drive. 


Coco was not the only idea that Disney proposed! Ideas for Black Panther, Frozen, Zootopia, Peter Pan, Tron, Toy Story, and Tangled are also proposed for this expansion.

Miguel Golden Character Statue

Disney also teased a Blue Sky idea at D23 in 2022 for Magic Kingdom in Disney World. This idea also revolved around a Coco-themed land. This land would lie beyond Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. This is just a Blue Sky idea and it is not confirmed. Other possibilities include a villains-themed land as well as an Encanto themed land.

Concept Art for Magic Kingdom

We are excited at the possibility to explore and immerse ourselves in a Coco-themed land. Currently, we are waiting for Disney to release more information to see what the DisneylandForward and Magic Kingdom expansions could hold. We will make sure to keep you updated as soon as we get more details!

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What land do you hope is included in the Disneyland expansion? Let us know down below!

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