Disneyland Resort Is One Step CLOSER to Starting a Big Expansion Project

Let’s talk about Disneyland Resort for a second, shall we?

Tiana’s Palace

The new Tiana’s Bayou Adventure attraction is in the works, and Tiana’s Palace and San FranSokyo Square have recently been completed. However, that’s not all Disneyland may have coming. We have an update on a potential expansion project!

Before we begin, here’s some backstory per Disney:

The City of Anaheim and Disney made an agreement to establish five zones on Disneyland’s property in 1933. All of them were given strict guidelines on how they could be developed. One guideline stated that if something new is added, other existing things have to go. This also means that a Disneyland expansion would mean something current would have to go.

Avengers Campus

DisneylandForward was created to work with the city of Anaheim, as well as the surrounding communities, to update the guidelines to fit what Disney needs to complete their expansion project ideas. As it stands, the zoning currently doesn’t allow for the type of expansions Disneyland has in mind.


That brings us to today. The City of Anaheim has just recently released a 17,000-page environmental impact report, which shows that the highest impacts of the expansion would be with air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, and noise, according to the Orange County Register.

DisneylandForward Concept Art ©Disney

Disney has already planned to reduce noise by building temporary barriers to buffer sound during construction and place barriers around property lines and expansion projects. Fireworks would also be banned in the proposed areas. The report also acknowledges that Disneyland is a historic theme park, and that change is always an important part of its history. Therefore, the DisneylandForward project is historically appropriate at this time.

Disneyland City Hall

Disney is still required to limit aesthetics that would affect nearby neighborhoods, and they also can’t have unfinished backstage areas facing public streets or other public spaces, and building height guidelines are still in effect as well.

Disneyland Atmo

Disneyland and the city of Anaheim still have a long way to go before any actual expansion can take place, but we’ll be keeping you updated as we hear more about the situation!

Check out our breakdown of DisneylandForward right here!

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