17 Uncomfortable Things That WILL Happen to You at Disney World

We wish we could tell you your next trip to Disney World will go flawlessly, but, unfortunately, we can’t promise that.

Cinderella Castle

A vacation to Disney World usually gifts endless amounts of smiles, laughter, and pure joy — but that hardly means it’s without moments of discomfort. From the stress of planning to all the things that can go wrong once you actually get to the parks, Disney World can create some uncomfortable situations.

Whether or not you want to admit it, it’s more likely than not that you’ll find yourself encountering something uncomfortable that will test your patience, determination, and, sometimes, sanity. Here are 17 uncomfortable things that you will likely come across during a Disney World trip.

Forfeiting Personal Space

Hollywood Studios Crowds

You love to visit Disney World. The catch is that millions of other people love to visit as well. There will be moments when you will be compacted into crowded areas, walkways, ride queues, transportation, etc. This won’t be a constant discomfort, but it is guaranteed to happen.

Your Body Will Fail You

Runners during a 2022 runDisney race

You may walk 10-plus miles every park day at Disney World. That’s a lot of stress on your body, even if you come prepared with proper shoes and essentials. Even if you don’t deal with cramps and blisters, you’ll likely have to deal with some uncomfortable fatigue.


Grumpy and Dopey

We’re not talking about you getting into fights (although that could still happen). We’re talking about the awkwardness of being next to a couple as they lay into each other very publicly. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve felt uncomfortable listening to people argue and fight while waiting in lines or walking around the parks. Remember folks, deep breaths.



On the flip side, things can get pretty uncomfortable when you encounter a couple that overdoes the PDA. There’s a time and a place for everything and it’s not at a theme park full of children.

Sharing a Skyliner


Sometimes you’re going to have to share a gondola with other families when you’re riding the Disney Skyliner. This isn’t always uncomfortable, but it can be depending on who you’re seated with or if you’re naturally a more reserved person.

Smelling Bad After a Long Park Day


The Florida humidity mixed with a lot of physical activity is a recipe for some uncomfortable smells after a long park day. Deodorants and antiperspirants are your best friends on a hot Floridian summer day.

Walking Around in Wet Clothes

Kali River Rapids

Disney World has some fantastic water rides, but they don’t come without a cost. Chances are if you ride one of the wet attractions you won’t be nearly as dry when you get off the ride as you were when you got on. If you don’t like walking around the parks in uncomfortable wet clothes, we suggest wearing a poncho on the ride or bringing a change of clothes.

Creepy Behavior

Evil Queen

We hope you never have to experience this, but there is a chance you come across someone or some people who act inappropriately around characters, make off-color comments, or give off generally creepy vibes. Disney is great at controlling the environment it presents, but it can’t always control the guests who visit that environment.

Random Bad Weather

Rainy Day at Magic Kingdom

Disney World is smack dab in the middle of a humid subtropical climate, so random showers and thunderstorms can and do happen frequently. The bad weather can be uncomfortable, but if you plan accordingly, stormy days can still be great ones.

Kids Throwing Tantrums

Strollers in Disney World

Whether it’s your kids or someone else’s kids, tantrums will happen. Of course, the screaming and helpless looks from parents can be uncomfortable, but it’s also inevitable and part of the Disney World process. From long park days to parents budgeting to the chagrin of their children, Disney World will test small children emotionally and physically.


Tower of Terror Wait Time

Waiting in line for rides, waiting for food, waiting for transportation — regardless of what you choose to do at Disney World, waiting will take up a huge chunk of your vacation. Missing out on doing everything because you spend so much time waiting is uncomfortable — and very annoying — but it is part of the Disney experience.


A sunny day in Hollywood Studios

While preventable, a sunburn is not only super uncomfortable but can ruin a trip if it’s bad enough. Remember to apply sunscreen frequently y’all!

Back and Neck Pain

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster

Disney World has A TON of fantastic attractions, but that doesn’t mean some are without downside. There are rides, both thrilling and family-friendly, that may leave you feeling like your spine was rearranged or that you may need a new noggin afterward (looking at you Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster). Not much matches the discomfort of having a broken body after a bumpy ride.

Bank Statements

Pirates of the Caribbean

A Disney World vacation is not cheap — you know this — and if you want to avoid some SERIOUS discomfort, perhaps avoid looking at your bank statements until you’re emotionally ready. Also, be sure to follow us daily for the latest deals and savings!

Itinerary Adjustments

Country Bear Jamboree closed

Bad weather, temporary closures, refurbishments you didn’t know about, and other uncontrollable factors could force you to change your itinerary on the fly, which can be incredibly stressful. While they aren’t preventable, coming up with plan B ideas before your visit is helpful when you have to adjust on the fly.



Chafing can happen, and when it does it can totally derail your entire vacation if you let it get too bad. Plan ahead and bring items and clothing that will help minimize chafing possibilities.

Rude People

Check out the crowds by the entrance!

People stopping in the middle of a walkway, stepping in front of your photos, cutting lines, littering, being mean, rude, or oblivious — we’ve all been there. It’s very uncomfortable to be around rude people BUT YOU CAN BE THE OUTLIER! Always practice patience and kindness when you’re at Disney World and maybe you can be the person who made someone else’s day better.

We try to bring you tips and tricks daily on how to make your next Disney World trip as pleasant as possible so be sure to follow us here at AllEars for all the latest!

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What are some of the most uncomfortable things you experience during your Disney World trips? Digress with us below in the comments!

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